Herbal Correspondences for Vegan Witches (Or a…



cleansing, purification, grief, health (banishing serious illness)

Allspice– determination, money, luck,

Almond– fertility, Goddess energy,
beauty, self-love, prosperity, addiction, abundance

Anise– protection, warding against
evil, preventing nightmares, psychic ability, happiness

Basil– money, beauty, protection, love,

Bay Leaf– money, motivation, protection,
psychic powers, wish fulfillment, success, purification

Black Pepper– banishing, protection,
exorcism, healing (from a serious illness/banishing said illness)

Brewer’s Yeast– motherhood, femininity,
warding against illness

Cashew– money, creativity

Cardamom– lust/libido, love, fidelity

Cayenne Pepper– catalyst, lust/ libido,

Celery– fertility, psychic powers,
healing (especially of the bladder, kidneys, and urinary tract), weight loss

Chamomile– sleep, stress relief, love,
beauty, friendship, meditation, luck, libido (mostly women)

Chia Seed– protection, health

Chili Powder– protection, hex breaking,
love, fidelity

Chives– protection, weight loss

Chlorella– purification, cleansing,

Cilantro– money, protection, peace

Cinnamon– catalyst, spirituality,
beauty, love, lust, romance, healing, strength, protection, psychic ability

Clove– catalyst, beauty, love,
protection (especially for children)

Cocoa Powder– beauty, health, love,
self-love, grounding, romance, sex, powder, enhances hot herbs

Coconut– strength, love, beauty,

Coffee– grounding, protection,
spirituality, energy (if caffeinated), dispelling negativity

Coriander– love, health, protection,
easing pain of a broken heart,

Cumin– energy, protection, exorcism,
protection from theft, love, fidelity, masculine energy

Dandelion– communicating with the dead,
health, weight loss, wish fulfillment, divination, luck

Dill– money, prosperity, luck, lust,
protection (especially the home)

Dulse– lust, harmony, sea magick

Fennel– health (especially digestion),
protection, money, banishing, strength, vitality, libido

Fenugreek– health (women’s issues),
friendship, happiness, calming, feminine energy, libido, money

Flax Seed– fertility, health, protection
(especially from sickness), divination, money

Garlic– health, banishing, protection,
purification, warding, willpower,

Ginger– catalyst, energy, adventure,
health, confidence, lust/libido, prosperity, success, protection

Hemp– fertility, intuition,
motivation, peace, harmony, stress relief

Hibiscus– health, love, beauty, heart

Holy Basil– opens heart to love, stress
relief, healing, balance, grounding

Jalapeno– energy, catalyst, money,

Kelp– health, money, weight loss,
sea magick

Lavender– stress relief, sleep,
anti-anxiety, meditation, love, depression, peace, harmony

Lemon– health, beauty, love, lust,
cleansing, purification, sun magick, removing negativity,

Lemon grass– psychic cleansing, opening the
Third Eye, focus, mental clarity

Licorice– love, lust, fidelity,
communicating with the dead, health (digestive system)

Lime– purification, protection,
harmony, calmness, tranquility, strengthening love

Maca– fertility, vitality, energy, balance,

Maple– love, friendship, luck,
happiness, wealth

Marjoram– beauty, luck, wealth, grief,
cleansing, purification, warding, strengthening love, protection

Mint, Pepper– health, protection, ward off
migraines, wealth, bringing about change, love, abundance

Mint, Spear– health, protection, happiness,
wealth, communicating with spirits

Miso– health, prosperity,
communicating with the dead, friendship

Mustard– courage, faith, endurance,
success, luck, happiness

Nettle– grouding, health (especially
allergies), banishing negativity, cleansing

Nori– health, harmony

Nutmeg– beauty, prosperity, money,
luck, hex breaking, mental acuity


health, happiness, love, addiction

Oat– fertility, health, earth
magick, sacred to Brighid

Onion– protection, health, banishing,
warding, bad habits, prosperity

Orange– energy, emotional healing,
beauty, health, love, friendship

Oregano– health, beauty, joy, energy,

Paprika– catalyst, energy, hexing (I
don’t hex, but you do you)

Paprika, smoked– power, see Paprika

Parsley– money, luck, success, health,
weight loss

Pecan– employment and career,
success, security,

Red Pepper– catalyst, love, lust,

Rice– rain, fertility, money,

Rose– beauty, love, honoring the dead,
friendship, happiness, healing

Rosemary– mental clarity, focus, memory,
health, love, lust, purification

Saffron– happiness, mental health, love,
lust, psychic ability, addiction, weight loss

Sage– cleansing, purification, grief,
wisdom, spirituality, mental clarity, protection, grounding

Salt– cleansing, purification,
grounding, protection, banishing, earth magick

Sesame Seed– money, lust, passion

Soy– spirituality, psychic ability,
fertility, intuition, grounding

Spirulina– health, wealth, energy

Sugar– beauty, sweeten attitudes, love,
sex, drawing spells

Tamarind– love, health, happiness,
family, protection (from illness)

Tea, black– energy, strength, courage,

Tea, green– energy, health, weight loss,
beauty, confidence

Tea, white– beauty, harmony, peace,
health, tranquility

Thyme– money, protection, luck,
grief, honoring the dead, grounding, glamours, confidence, loyalty

Turmeric– health (especially dealing
with serious illness), happiness,

Vanilla– beauty, love, friendship,

Vinegar– protection, warding, weight
loss, hexing, banishing illness

Walnut– connection with the divine,
spirituality, mental strength, divination

Watercress– health, sex, lunar magick