🔮✨New Moon Crystalscopes✨🔮

For the July 13th New Moon, I’ve intuitively selected a crystal from my personal collection for each Zodiac sign. Each crystal selections is accompanied by a message the Universe has for you to help you make the most of this significant lunar energy.

•Check Sun/Moon/Ascendant•

Aries • Malachite: Your heart yearns for healing and balance during this time. Seek out people and experiences you love. Surrender yourself to the flow of universal creative power, and see how fast transformation happens.

Taurus • Tiger Eye: Cleanse and banish all that is no longer serving you. You’ve been holding on far too long to things that are best left in the past. Release the old patterns that are taking up valuable energy from you.

Gemini • Goldstone: That spark of creativity and motivation is right around the corner. Let yourself be overcome with joy at life’s simple pleasures, and don’t push so hard for new ideas to come. As soon as you stop trying to force them, they will begin to flow.

Cancer • Fluorite: Your intuition is powerful, so trust it. Clear your mind of the excessive clutter and chattering so you can tune into what your gut is telling you. You’ll be surprised what you find out.

Leo • Celestite: This is an excellent time to strengthen your connection with your angels and guardian spirits. They have a lot they’d like to say to you at this time. Pay close attention to signs and synchronicities.

Virgo • Bloodstone: Break free of your destructive habits. Get rid of your negative thinking patterns. You’ve been allowing fear to take control, so step up and take back what’s yours.

Libra • Amethyst: Serenity is coming. Emotional release will be on its way once the storm has passed. Look for every opportunity to release built-up stress and seek out relaxation.

Scorpio • Labradorite: Your psychic powers are gaining momentum at this time. Meditation and healing are crucial. Be cautious of who and what you spend your precious energy on.

Sagittarius • Citrine: Inspiration is all around you, as long as you know how to look. Train your brain to locate it. You’ll be surprised to find that opportunity may be hiding in plain sight.

Capricorn • Jasper: Find connection and healing through nature. The Earth’s energy will soothe and rejuvenate your tired spirit. Now is a time to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Aquarius • Lapis Lazuli: Communication and trust will lead you to your inner truth. You owe it to yourself to seek and honor this divine insight. Your instincts will tell you who or what is truly worth listening to.

Pisces • Hematite: You’ve been stuck in a foggy rut of negative energy. Remove toxic influences from your life as soon as you can. Seek spiritual guidance for cleansing and healing.