Requested Perrie and Jade Inspired Cinema Outf…

Requested Perrie and Jade Inspired Cinema Outfits

In order to post this requests Tumblr won`t allow me to upload both sets at the same time, So they will come in separate posts.


ASOS Pull&Bear mickey mouse sweater in pink: £19.99. I`ve always found with Jade that she likes to be comfortable in what she wears, she`s very tomboyish/grungey. That doesn`t mean she goes to the cinema in a floor length gown dressed head to toe in jewels. You will also find that she travels everywhere mostly in a outfit like this of some sort. Of course she also likes a jumper..She has her favourites..The Gucci one, the Aladdin one. So continuing on with the Disney theme I`ve chosen this Mickey Mouse jumper from ASOS which is only selling for £19.99!. It`s very retro/90s (Correct me if I am wrong). She likes to feel comfortable, comfy and relaxed so if your looking for all that and more this is ya gal. I also wouldn`t advise wearing a jumper to the cinema in very hot weather in which the UK is experiencing right now. A t-shirt would be suitable.

Converse All Star high top white trainers: £55. Surely I`m not the only person on this planet who is not keen on Converse? Don`t get me wrong I have worn converse in the past like 3x? But I just find them so uncomfortable. I find the bottom isnt very stable, It literally feels like a piece of cardboard protecting your feet and when you go over something like stones you can feel them digging in and then they scuff and like misjointed. Rant over..That doesn`t mean you have to not wear converse, of you can you can choose other suitable, cheap trainers that will do the job just as well as converse.

ASOS DESIGN Farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in dark wash: £32. What else I have found is that Jade doesn`t seem like a tight jeans kind of gal. She may of worn a couple of tight jeans in the past but she doesn`t wear them often. I dunno what you call the jeans when it`s tight but much looser, not mom jeans. She is into those kind of jeans which is fine if you wanna feel relaxed and comfortable and wanna enjoy Channing Tatum in piece. Of course do your research if you want to find cheaper mom looking jeans.

Boohoo Petite 2 In 1 Zip Out Parka With Faux Fur Hood: £15 Wouldn`t really be a Jade inspired post without a parka wouldn`t it? So in this 25 degree heat we are currently facing here in the UK why not bring along your parka for the ride too. Just simply because Jade doesn`t go anywhere with a parka is the reason I have added one. The one I have chosen is similar to hers, Unless you love all the multicoloured furs and over top hoods. This is currently £15 with 75% off so grab yourself a bargain for the winter months.