This is legit my fave blog on tumblr thank you…

This is legit my fave blog on tumblr thank you for all that you do!!! All the loveeeeeee

Thank you! Comments like these can make someone’s day. Not only do they uplift you but they tell you what ppl think about your blog and whether your doing a good job or not.

These last few days have tested me and pushed me to the edge, I spent my whole Saturday trying to secure the blog and now I am sort of anxious/scared as to what might happen still. As I said before I was stressing out because I was thinking you was all going to leave the blog and it was going down the pan but what happened at the end of the day put my faith back in you guys. I’ve had several messages this weekend like yours and they really are helpful.

I am beyond thankful for your support and faith, I try my best and I do still have some gripes which I wish I could fix, but I’m not a tumblr expert. I’m not turning this into a place where I am exploiting you. I would really love to do this as a hobby/job, one day I hope I can leave my job to come and work on here, even when LM do split up I will still continue posting.

I truly do believe something big is coming round the corner and when that happens I don’t want just myself involved but I want you all involved, because you are what makes this blog.