I'd like to buy glasses that Jade has. Ca…

I'd like to buy glasses that Jade has. Can you help me?They are on Jade’s instagram story and Amara use them. Can you find their brand?

Welcome, I see you came from another blog who wasn`t so helpful in your search. However we like to go above and beyond for our followers so we would do our upmost to help you.

I shall start with the bad news, the bad news is that Jade`s glasses are prescription ones which means they were brought at a opticians. I dunno if you are from the UK or not but a opticians is a place where people go to improve their visualisation. You can`t just walk into these places as you need a doctors certificate in order to get a eye test done and then they offer you glasses.

The Good news, is that most high street stores do very similar designs. 

Boohoo, Superdrug, Claires, ASOS

If you type into Google `Black clear frame glasses` Or `Black geek glasses` Lots of other suggestions come up, However they are from places not everyone has heard of or can be unsafe so please be careful.