Requested Little Mix Inspired Night Out With L…

Requested Little Mix Inspired Night Out With Leopard Print Crop Top


PrettyLittleThing BLACK MAXI BELTED BEACH KIMONO: £20. No sorry, we arent going to the beach today despite the name. So I chose this because I was struggling, struggling to think what would Leigh wear with a leopard print crop top. So I went to Google and came across a old picture of her from a night out. Now i`ve lost the link to the one she wore so i`m not exactly what you would call it either a wrapped maxi dress or a beach cover up. But I went with a beach kimono and this item becomes the main centre piece for this outfit. Now, leopard print can be quite hard to match it with something as it`s quite busy and if you mixed it up with another print like a grey check or spots then your pulling a major fashion faux. I kept it simple but still modern for a young girl on a night out.

NastyGal Party Animal Leopard Crop Top: £15

Topshop Twisted Logo Belt: £22. Bare with me as I explain this. So wrap the kimono around so it overlaps itself and to hide your midriff, make it as so it looks like a dress. Of course everything is always ten times harder, so make it ten times easier use a belt to keep the kimono in place. What should happen is that a little opening should be created at the top…This would give people a small glimpse of your leopard print. I hope you can keep up or if i`m making sense.

MissGuided faux leather mini skirt black: £18. The bottom of this outfit was a bit tricky for me, I can`t remember what Leigh wore with her outfit..I think she wore nothing and wore it as a dress. But I didn`t want that happening here because it`s sheer and anyone can see in. Now I didn`t know if to go with hot pants or a skirt, I thought if I went with hot pants which went out of fashion years ago I would be dressing you up as a sl_t, your not one of those. So I went with a black leather mini skirt instead which makes it`s more classier and if you wanna strip that kimono off at least you haven`t got the worry of your whole butt falling out of your hot pants.

MissGuided black high diamante gladiator sandal heels: £14. If you go onto the MissGuided website and search for these you can`t find them, Luckily I did a bit of digging on Google and they came up. These are bang on trend at the moment, I think they are inspired by a designer labels shoes. Leigh wore snake print heels half up the leg, but we can`t be having clashing prints now so I went with some classy diamante ones. Loads still left in stock and what`s more is that you can get them in a smaller style.



MissGuided skinny fit cigarette pants black: $27. I just want to say I apologise, I know everything is black but trying to match things with leopard print is quite hard. You have a lot going on and you don`t want it become spaghetti junction. So when you click the link you probably think business suit, That`s not the look I went for initially until I decided a moment later it was. I was initially going for cigarette trousers, after looking at pictures I noticed she likes her trousers to be a bit loose, she likes the formal feel almost. So I picked these ones up from MissGuided and what`s better is that MissGuided do a whole range of cigarette trousers in different styles, lengths and colours.

MissGuided black single button front longline blazer: £30. Then eventually I did pick a blazer up, Unfortunately, the blazer with the cigarette trousers is no longer available, either that or I just couldn`t find it. So I tried to find a near enough replacement. A black blazer is a very versatile piece can be used for nights out, cocktails, dates, business meetings, work. I mean if your boyfriend can`t find his jacket for work then he can always burrow yours. 

NastyGal Party Animal Leopard Crop Top: £15

SkinnyDip MINI RORY BLACK CROSS BODY BAG: £26. For all those eagle eyed fans out here somewhere you would know Jade likes a shoulder bag, I`m talking she likes these formal, bigger bags other then small clutches. 

Topshop Diamante Clutch Bag: £27. But she does like a fun, unique bag and if you wanted to go down this route then I picked up a very similar to the one she took to…Oh what is that festival in America called again? 

Ego Marietta Lace Up Perspex Heel In Black Faux Suede: £19.99 If you don`t like these then I picked up these ones which she is also a fan of.


PrettyLittleThing BLACK BANDAGE FLARED TROUSER: £15. I think for every inspired I do Jesy is the hardest to do.  Their was inspiration but I thought blue jeans with a leopard print top for a night out was too casual, I wanted to use black high waisted jeans but I didn`t want to be dull and I did want to liven this inspired up a bit, great job I did with that choosing all black for everything. So in the end I went with some black flare pants, you can find these across the board, still popular. If you would like longer, slimmer legs then heres your man.

PrettyLittleThing BLACK RING DETAIL FOLD OVER CLUTCH: £20. Looks like the editor has messed up my posts again, but the bag you see was originally meant for Leigh. But either way it can be for Leigh or Jesy. 

ASOS Glamorous Black Clear Strap Sandals: £29. I dunno if anyone else has noticed lately but Little Mix seem to be wearing a lot of perspex lately, if you dunno what that is it`s if you see any clear straps on shoes. I am personally not a fan of this style but lots of other people seem to love it. 

NastyGal Party Animal Leopard Crop Top: £15


ASOS Morgan faux leather mini skirt with zip detail: £52. I love the fact Perrie loves these black leather zipped skirts, I think they are so edgy and sexy and will go with everything. I think it will be very easy for you guys to remember what this look is inspired by.

NastyGal Party Animal Leopard Crop Top: £15

NastyGal Rattle Their Cage Lace-Up Heel: £16. Just noticed the weird design on these, but black booties, black lace up heels are better than normal black heels. They cover more, make it more edgy and sexy instead of the classier, formal, bare look. 

ASOS Pieces Western Choker: £12. I was looking for a black one of these but I haven`t really got time, dinners waiting for me and I wanna see who Simon Cowell`s next cash cow might be. You can find many black lace up wraparound chokers around the web…That`s if they still do them.