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✒️Inky Wishes 🖋


 (a spell for any wish)


♡ a Pen


Clear Quartz (optional)

What to do: 

    Take the pen in your hands and focus all of your energy into it while whispering “Permi-maintenant” to it. “Permi” meaning permanent and “maintenant” meaning now in french. When this one-word incantation is said, it makes a pen enchanted to make whatever it writes into permanent truth. So be careful of what you wish for! Think carefully and throughly about what you want. Write it clearly on to the paper. Lastly, fold up the paper and put a clear quartz just to make it a bit stronger. Then put the paper in a safe spot. When the wish comes true, throw the paper away.

starrysolstice: 🕯





How I Celebrate Samhain

🧡Colors: orange, purple, mustard yellow, red, black

  • Orange- excitement, courage, motivation, confidence, stimulation
  • Purple- dreams, psychic abilities, fear, memories, divination, harmony, wisdom
  • Mustard yellow- knowledge, generosity, cultivation, success, abundance
  • Red- death, passion, lust, anger, action, impulsiveness
  • Black- chaos, renewal, release, transformation, instinct, self-indulgence, beginnings, endings

🍂Herbs and spices: black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg

  • Black pepper- chaos, and cursing.
  • Cinnamon- passion, excitement, and lust.
  • Cloves- comfort, maturity, and domesticity
  • Cardamom- action, and forcefulness
  • Nutmeg- patience and strong familial  bonds

🍬Food and beverages: pumpkin pastries and beverages, pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, pomegranates, apples, candy, squash, apple cider, candy, rosehips

🔮Crystals: fancy jasper, Mookaite Jasper, honey calcite, amethyst, onyx

  • Fancy Jasper- death, chaos, and cursing.
  • Mookaite Jasper- confidence, courage, wisdom, cultivation, action
  • Honey Calcite- knowledge and success
  • Amethyst- dreams, psychic abilities, and divination
  • Onyx- chaos, instinct, and transformation

🎃 Plants: gourds, dead leaves, pumpkins, chrysanthemum

  • Gourds- pride, protection, cultivation, and restrictions
  • Dead leaves- death, and destruction
  • Pumpkins- excitement, courage, expression, and abundance
  • Chrysanthemum:
  • Purple- Fear
  • Red- Impulsiveness
  • Orange- Frustration
  • Yellow- Victory

💨 Weather associations: Wind

  • The cool wind on Samhain reminds us of the coming darkness as it shifts the fallen leaves. Wind magic is amazing to do during this time of year. Do a ceremony asking the shifting winds to not only take away the negative thoughts and feeling from the past year but ask them to also bring you new positive things. Make an offering to the air element using fallen leaves. Or simply just take time to appreciate the wind.

🦇Animal associations: bats, black cats, owls, spiders( and other creepy bugs), crows, rats

💀Happy Samhain!💀

rosemarywaterwitch: time to get spooky ✨


time to get spooky



Wheel of the year✨

These are some of the main correspondences for each of the Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year. Compiled from lots of sources and my own interpretation/knowledge. 💞


colours: gold, yellow, green, orange, brown

herbs/plants: grains, myrtle, corn stalks, heather, frankincense

crystals: citrine, carnelian, moss agate, amber

foods: multigrain breads, blackberry pie, corn on the cob, dark fruity wines

tarot correspondence: the emperor

spell/magickal workings: kitchen magick, protection

activities: * bake bread and share with loved ones * finish a project * leave part of your first harvest as an offering to deitie(s) of your choosing * honour the land

decorations: corn dolls, sickles, grains, summer flowers


colours: orange, red, gold, brown, yellow

herbs/plants: frankincense, cinnamon, rue, yarrow, myrrh, marigold

crystals: yellow agate, citrine, lapis lazuli, yellow topaz

foods: apples, wheat, pomegranate, squash, pumpkin, wine, cider

tarot correspondence: the high priestess

spell/magickal workings: abundance, prosperity, gratitude

activities: * share a meal with loved ones/those you are grateful for * make a prosperity candle * second harvest

decorations: acorns, oak leaves, corn, grapes, cinnamon, colours of the season


colours: black, orange, brown, scarlet

herbs/plants: marigold, fern, heather, sage, mugwort, patchouli

crystals: jet, obsidian, carnelian, smoky quartz, amber

foods: pumpkin, apple, nuts, turnip, pear, cider

tarot correspondence: death

spell/magickal workings: divination, work with passed loved ones/ancestors, sex magick

activities: * carve jack-o-lanterns * host a dumb supper (set a place at the table for deceased loved ones) * light a candle in your window to guide spirits home * bury an apple as an offering for your ancestors * last harvest

decorations: skulls, sickle/scythe, jack-o-lanterns, bones, apples, besoms


colours: red, green, white, gold

herbs/plants: evergreen, holly, mistletoe, frankincense, oak, pine, myrrh

crystals: garnet, emerald, diamond, bloodstone, ruby

foods: nuts, ginger tea, spiced ciders, cookies

tarot correspondence: judgement

spell/magickal workings: peace, harmony, love, happiness

activities: * burn the Yule log * decorate the tree * volunteer/help a stranger * bake cookies from a family recipe and share with others

decorations: Yule log, tree, holly, mistletoe, pine, orange pomanders


colours: pink, white, yellow, light blue, lavender

herbs/plants: angelica, basil, myrrh, clove, coriander, lilac, wisteria, saffron

crystals: turquoise, amethyst, amber, tigers eye

foods: spicy food, onion, garlic, peppers, shallots, full bodied wines, herbal tea

tarot correspondence: the lovers

spell/magickal workings: creativity, life path, conception, candle magick

activities: * weave brigids cross * do magick by candlelight * spring cleaning/cleanse your work space * do a rite to bless your tools and seeds for spring

decorations: brigids cross, white flowers, daffodils, lambs


colours: pastels

herbs/plants: honeysuckle, iris, ginger, jasmine, rose, violets

crystals: aquamarine, rose quartz, moonstone

foods: leafy greens, sunflower seeds, sprouts, pine nuts

tarot correspondence: the empress

spell/magickal workings: honouring related deities, meditation, awakening, uplifting

activities: * scatter eggshells in garden * make “egg” dishes * garden magick * egg decorating * starting indoor seeds

decorations: (you guessed it) eggs, bunnies, sprouting plants, chicks, robins, baskets


colours: red, white, pink, green, silver

herbs/plants: birch, mint, tulips, dandelion, mugwort, rosemary, bluebells, wildflowers

crystals: aventurine, bloodstone, malachite, emerald

foods: spring greens, strawberries, cherries, honey

tarot correspondence: the hierophant

spell/magickal workings: sun related magick, sex/fertility, spirit communication

activities: * transfer indoor seedlings to outdoor garden * make faerie offerings * make flower crowns * bonfire

decorations: ribbons, flowers, cows, bread for offering, may pole, goats, honey bees, faeries


colours: yellow, blue, green, white, gold

herbs/plants: camomile, lemon, hemp, thyme, fennel, wisteria, elderflower, carnation

crystals: jade, lapis lazuli, tigers eye, fluorite, agate

foods: herb bread, potato salad, honey, seasonal herbs/veg

tarot correspondence: the sun

spell/magickal workings: healing, growth, love

activities: * greet sun at dawn * light fire of fellowship/friendship * chase fireflies * make sun/solar water

decorations: suncatchers, dried oranges, honeycombs, suns, bees



🎃🦇🕯 Samhain altar 🕯🦇🎃




When is Samhain? October 31st to November 1st. It is the halfway point between the Autumn equinox and Winter solstice!

What is Samhain? A sabbat marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of the darker half of the year. It is also a time to pay respects to and remember the dead. It is also sometimes called the “Witches New Year.”

Activities to celebrate Samhain may include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Taking a nature walk to enjoy the last bits of the harvest season before the cold sets in. 
  • Decorating your home with seasonal decor and autumnal colors (foods of harvest like corn, acorns, pumpkins etc. make good decor)
  • Set up an altar to honor your ancestors 
  • Prepare a nice dinner and set places for those who have passed
  • Tell stories about those who have passed with shared loved ones 
  • Visit the cemetery for your own loved ones and for those who do not have anyone left who remember them
  • Hold a seance
  • Any type of divination/divinatory guidance
  • Join the community! No need to celebrate the entirety of the holiday with others as Samhain is probably the most private of all the Sabbats, but hosting or attending a ritual or feast can’t hurt anything.

Foods/Herbs/Spices associated with Samhain:

  • allspice berries
  • broom
  • catnip
  • mountain ash berries
  • mugwort
  • mullein
  • oak leaves
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • pine cones
  • straw
  • corn
  • turnips
  • apples
  • gourds
  • nuts
  • mulled Wines
  • beef
  • pork
  • poultry.

I hope you all have an amazing Samhain, and I also hope you are just as excited as I am for the new season!



Recreational Witchcraft’s Sabbats Masterpost


I thought linking all of these in one post would be very useful for those of us who are stuck for ideas on celebrating the sabbats. 

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✨Samhain Funsies🎃


Samhain (pronounced saw-win) means Summer’s End and is celebrated in the Western Hemisphere on October 31st. Sometimes referred to as the Celtic or Witches New Year, it is a Fire festival and a liminal time when the veil is thinnest. It is a period in which to celebrate and connect with ancestors and those loved ones who are no longer with us on this plane. In other words, it’s the spookiest time of year for all pagans and witches to shine!

Things To Do

  • Cleansing bonfires – pagan purification ritual of walking between two fires.
  • Turnip or Pumpkin lanterns – being a fire festival, this sabbat is all about lighting candles! Candles and lanterns are lit, in some accounts to keep bad or evil spirits away and in other accounts to light the way for loved ones and ancestors to visit the home.
  • Honouring the dead – visit graves or honour passed loved ones in any way you see fit. Tell stories about them, sing songs they liked, look at photos, write letters to them. Enjoy the memories and this time when you can be closest to them again.
  • Feasts – gather friends and family for a feast of locally sourced, seasonal foods. Set a place at the table for your ancestors/passed loved ones, known as a ‘dumb supper’.
  • Nature Walk – take a walk in a beautiful place and take the opportunity to reflect on the notions of death and rebirth, of transformation and of the passing seasons.
  • Feed your ancestors – bury an apple in the ground to symbolically feed your ancestors whilst they may be passing.


  • All-spice berries, oak leaves, acorns, rosemary, sage, pine, catnip, mugwort.

Food & Drink

  • Mead, nuts (hazelnuts), berries, apples, bannock, dark bread, cheese, salmon, root vegetables, pumpkin, squashes.


  • Dragon’s blood, sage, sandalwood.


  • Any dark crystals, obsidian, jet, onyx, garnet, black tourmaline, smoky quartz.

Flowers & Plants

  • Chrysanthemums, marigolds, berries, apple trees, rowan trees.


  • Skulls, spiders, gourds, corn, acorns, autumn leaves, candles.


  • Dagda, Morrigan