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Throwback Jade On Instagram | 8th August 2018

Nastygal Don’t Buckle With Me Off The Shoulder Crop Top: Sold Out

Boohoo Polka Dot Tie Front Shorts Co-ord: £20 £18

Nike Air Max 95 Trainers In All White: Sold Out

Guess Natalia Palmellato Crossbody Bag

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Little Mix Dupe

Exact – Primark: Sold Out

Dupe – Boohoo

Disney License Toy Story Satin PJ Shorts Set: £20

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Requested Little Mix Inspired Chokers


New Look Gold Chain Bar Choker: £4.99. Leigh doesn`t wear chokers as much as the other girls, So hers was a bit hard for me but we got there in the end. So I decided and because I was at my wits end to go with this chain choker, Why? Well because Leigh likes wearing a gold chains, necklaces etc So it felt right to include this one in the pack. 

MissGuided gold look conch shell necklace: £8. Can you guess where I got inspiration from? I had one left to find for her and I couldn`t find one at all and then a lightbulb went off in my ehad and to say I`m proud is a understatement. Inspired by her Inaseashell swimwear collection these chokers are all the craze at the moment. You would be a fool not to purchase this one.

New Look Gold Love Slogan Velvet Choker: £4.99. Bit of a odd one this one but I chose this one because Leigh likes spreading love, she likes giving love and she likes giving the message of love over to anyone so what better then to have a choker with the words emblazoned on it.

River Island Gold colour interlinked choker necklace: £8. Inspiration taken from her Cartier necklace which has two gold hoops linked together, But is much more expensive this choker. So why not go for one cheaper eh? We also have another alternative for this one in black


Lamoda Loyalty Cross Studded Choker In Black Faux Suede: £5. Now Jesy was the most easiest since she went through quite a long phase of wearing different kinds of choker. Her style was very gothic, bad, big chokers which arent to everyone’s style. But we tried to stick to that style while keeping it as subtle as possible. So we picked up this choker from Lamoda which has gold studs all across. It`s subtle but also Jesy`s choker from left to right.

Claires Gold & Leopard Chokers – 2 Pack: £10. She seems to be wearing a lot of leopard lately, So it felt right to include a leopard print choker. 

Topshop Ring PU Choker: £15. This is very similar to some of the ones Jesy owns and I didn`t think they sold these anymore but surprisingly they do. This one comes from Topshop.

Lamoda Bring It Black Chunky Buckle Choker: £7. No it`s not a belt.


Missy Empire Hisa Gold Pearl Detail Choker: £7 £3. Perrie`s style is rather chic and boho, So this choker is perfect for her here.

Boohoo Plain Velvet Choker: £3 £2.40. Nothing wrong with a black plain choker.

Topshop Conch Shell Necklace: £10. Same reason as Leigh, these are bang on trend at the moment and these suit Perrie down to a T.

New Look Black Leather-Look Hand Pendant Chocker: £3.99


Miss Empire Laura Black Lace Choker: £8 £4. I found Jade`s jewellery style is very dainty. So we incorporated this black lace choker from Missy Empire.

Missy Empire Gabi Rainbow Fabric Choker: £7 £3. We stumbled across this choker and we would`ve been fools if we just left it.

PRETTYLITTLETHING SILVER DIAMANTE MULTI CROSS CHOKER: £8 £3. Not really your everyday wear but it reminded me of when Jade wore a choker to Coachella last year, Can be worn for a night out with friends or for dressing up for a event.

Boohoo Suedette Wrap Around Choker: £4 £3.20. Was surprised to find this being sold too as I didn`t many of these weren’t around anymore. Again we`re going for the dainty, small, demure look.

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Little Mix Inspired Pride Festival Outfits


Boohoo High Neck Net Mesh Crop Top: £8. So with Leigh we decided to go down the urban/retro route. I did want to go with her top and skirt again but I thought that was repeating myself and I wanted to go with something new. So I dug up this white cropped mesh top, She has been seen in one before from Topshop which is now sold out. These mesh tops are everyone’s favourite in the summer time especially at festivals. You can get them in a array of colours and style. Great for layering too.

Calvin Klein modern cotton bralette: £29. The top is see through, So we don`t want everyone seeing your nipples now do we. Although I think at Pride that is pretty normal. So to keep your dignity we placed a bralet underneath the top. This is perfectly normal and layering is on trend now too. I do find the girls often like showing their brands on clothes such as Balenciaga, Calvin Klein etc. If you`r e not keen on having Calvin Klein I have a alternative here. And remember if you`re getting too or stuffy and uncomfortable you can always take the mesh top off.  

Topshop PETITE Denim Mini Skirt: £29 £23.30. As I do with most of my inspireds I wanted to do a variety of clothing from jeans, to skirts to dungarees to dresses. So with Leigh I decided to go with a denim skirt, Mostly inspired by a recent magazine photo shoot. Nonetheless she has been spotted wearing a denim skirt on holiday too. We decided to go with a high waisted one which will make your tummy look smaller. You`re going to be standing/walking around all day underneath a hot basking sun and you don`t wanna feel uncomfortable or sticky, You would want to feel fresh and cool.

ZARA CONTRAST MESH SNEAKERS: £22.99. Now as we all know the girls have a selection of Designer trainers that none of us can afford, From the ugly to the beautiful. The high street capitalises on this and makes much cheaper dupes of those designer brands so you don`t have to fork out much more then you should. We picked up these retro trainers from Zara. If you`re not a fan of the colours then why not go for a all white shoe from here


Boohoo Pride T-Shirt With Love Without Limits Print: £12. Perrie was a little harder for me but we manage to rustle something up. So I find Perrie likes a quote or two, She likes things that have deeper meanings and truthful solace. We picked up this Pride t-shirt from Boohoo with the words Love Without Limits and i`m not gonna lie I think that basically describes her relationship with Alex. What`s more is that men can also wear this too.

Topshop Bleach Mom Jeans: £40. Oh boy does Perrie love a mom jean, She doesn`t often go for HS mom jeans anymore though, She often likes sticking to her favourite Balenciaga mom jeans which are yet again out of everyone’s price range. So we picked up this pair from Topshop. Remember to think of factors such as price, comfort, how often you will wear them and style when you decide on a expensive pair of jeans.

Topshop Conch Shell Necklace: £10. I find Perrie likes adding a extra accessory to her outfits, It doesn`t have to match she will just add it on. These shell necklaces are all the craze at the moment from earrings to bracelets.

River Island Gold tone square aviator sunglasses: £14

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star hi white sneakers: $60. As I mentioned before you are standing around all day, So you would want to have good sensible shoes to help your feet. Which makes this option perfect.


Topshop Roll Mom Denim Shorts: £32. Jade`s was the most easiest I am not gonna lie, Purely because she`s been to a Pride festival before. But we took inspiration from that and put it into here and we incorporated a pair of denim roll up shorts. 

PRETTYLITTLETHING UNISEX WHITE EQUAL OVERSIZED T-SHIRT: £8. Now I often find Jade loves promoting anything, She loves promoting small brands, She has a shirt from her recent holiday in Thailand promoting the Elephant sanctuary and the LGBT Scene is no exception. So we picked up this powerful top from PLT. Now it doesn`t have to be cropped, it can come in a longer version too and in black. But what better way to get the message across other then a shirt like this?

PRETTYLITTLETHING THE GYPSY SHRINE PRIDE RAINBOW ALL IN ONE FACE JEWEL: £10. Jade likes getting herself involved in activities too and she is often the one who forfeits herself for things. So why not add a bit of jewels to your look to give it that bit of jazz. You can get also get it in another design here

MISSPAP hattie black slogan cap: £12. I`ve noticed Miss Thirlwall loves a slogan, Especially on a cap. She often goes for rude ones but we can`t have that. So we went for this one which we think does just as much as a rude one does. Make sure you`re well protected against the sun and keep yourself cool and hydrated and you can do this by wearing this hat.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star hi white sneakers: $60


Boohoo Boyfriend Denim Dungarees: £22.40. Last but not least Jesy!. I took inspiration from a appearance she did at BBCR1 where she wore baggy dungarees. These are baggy, These are more fitted to your body, Not fitted so that you feel uncomfortable but fitted so you don`t look like a hot mess. Out of the options we have on offer today Jesy`s is my favourite outfit. You can also style this outfit up by unhooking one of the clips on the shoulder and you`ll see why in a moment.

ASOS DESIGN co-ord one shoulder crop top in neon yellow: £10. We thought it would be a great idea to add a crop top underneath the dungarees to give the outfit a retro/urban kind of feel. This neon top will definitely make you stand out against the sun. Since it`s a one shoulder it would be a idea to unhook one of the clips to show the top off more.

MissGuided white chunky sole platform trainers: £35. Jesy has recently been into big platform boots, They arent to everyone’s taste and lets be real they arent exactly in everyone`s price range. But we didn`t need to fork out £100 to buy the exact pair. All you need to pay is £35 for a pair from MissGuided. They look exactly the same and do the exact same job. This adds the retro feel to this outfit..

Adidas Originals Adicolor Bucket Hat: £22. Again we`re playing with the retro feel here by adding this bucket hat, Which by the way has been a big craze lately.

PRETTYLITTLETHING GOLD DIAMANTE DOLLAR SIGN AND DISC MULTI-LAYER NECKLACE: £8 £6. I decided to add this in at the last minute as I felt as though the neck area would look a little plain and since we`re going for a retro feel here we may as well play with that. Jesy likes statement necklaces, She likes rude and bad necklaces. The nearest we could find to that was this necklace from PLT. It`s also layered but layered necklaces are the new thing have you not heard?

Big Thank You to Alicja for helping me

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Requested Little Mix Engagement Inspired Outfits


PRETTYLITTLETHING WHITE SCUBA HIGH NECK TIE WAIST JUMPSUIT: £21. A engagement party can be a tricky affair, You want to look as good as possible but you don`t want to go over the top and outshine the bride. So we have put together a few outfits that will hopefully maybe inspire you or help you make that final decision. For each girl I went with a different look and alternative – Not everyone wants to go in a dress and you also have to think about the many factors such as comfort, Price and weather. So with Leigh I decided to go for a jumpsuit and I posted below the jumpsuit I was inspired by when she wore a pink sequin blush jumpsuit for a appearance many years ago. We wanted to go down that same route but keep the embellishment to a minimum otherwise it would`ve looked like we would be off to a Christmas party afterwards. Unfortunately, Not many embellished jumpsuits are available at the moment or none that suited the event so we decided to go for a white jumpsuit instead and we went with this one from PrettyLittleThing. I know for a fact this is a popular item as it has been on PLT`s website for ages and they keep restocking due to popular demand. The jumpsuit is very flattering…The long white fitted flare legs gives people the illusion of longer legs, the top half features a ruched effect where it synches in topped off by a tie up, I love this jumpsuit it is so modern, classy and trendy. The side boob might not be to everyone’s taste but with a few pins and boob tape you`ll be in good hands. I went with the idea there may be kids at this engagement party so you would want to keep it demure and mature and not upstage the bride, The colour against the sun would be out of this world – You would radiate. This jumpsuit comes in many other colours and patterns such as floral, Green, Red, Black and Orange.

Lulu`s KATHERINE ROSE GOLD METALLIC RHINESTONE MULES: $99. These arent the original shoes as featured above, the shoes became out of stock over night. But I originally went with rose gold embellished perspex mules in case you wanted to wear something different and because the jumpsuit is white and to add a bit of flair and colour to the outfit you could do that with the accessories and the shoes. I went back to find some more rose gold mules and no where had them in stock, The only place was Lulu`s and yes I am aware of the price.

ASOS DESIGN headband with graduating pearls in gold tone: £12. I added this in case you wanted to go extra. Pearl`s in hair accessories has become a big trend lately as you will see later. I thought this was such a cute, quirky accessory. 

River Island Rose gold boxy mini cross body bag: £18. I did want a simple rose gold clutch that wasn`t too out there or large but yet again hardly no one had one. So we went with this one from River Island instead which I think will do the job nicely.

PrettyLittleThing ROSE GOLD 80MM LARGE HOOP EARRINGS: £2. Lastly, Just because Leigh wears hoops a lot we had to add them like I do on every post. For those eagle eyed viewers you will notice this is the same pair of earrings I featured in my last inspired. I don`t wear earrings myself but £2 for a pair of good sustainable earrings? What more could you ask for. We`re also continuing on with adding colour with these earrings. Of course you could always do it the other way round by wearing a colourful outfit and then downplaying it with mutual shoes and accessories. Don`t forget it`s always a good idea to experiment and mix and match. 


ASOS Dusty Daze jacquard blazer co-ord: £75. Secretly hoping this suit I chose for Jade will steal all of your hearts, How beautiful is this? The print of this, the colour and the cuteness is enough to make me buy it. I simply went for this cause I imagined right away what this would look like against the backdrop of the sun, You will glow. I chose a suit because Jade is fan of a suit very often and we`re also mixing it up and giving you options. The trousers are cropped giving you slimmer ankles, The suit is fitted to make you feel comfortable and confident. I know the price is a little pricey but imagine what this would look like in photos and you would definitely receive a lot of compliments. If you don`t like this suit then I have chosen many other style of suits and colours for you that would work well against the sun and at a engagement party such as orange, Neon Orange, Green, Darker Orange, Purple, Blue.

ASOS Dusty Daze straight leg jacquard trousers co-ord: £55. I always think of a suit as a alternative for someone such as a tomboy who doesn`t like wearing dresses or skirts. Wearing a suit you can feel just as sexy and confident and not to mention feel like a boss too…..Even though you`re not in an office.

River Island White cross back cami top: £16. For the top we have to keep it simple as the suit is doing the talking here, Put in a neon top and it`s too busy so try and keep the colours mutual to break it up. 

River Island Gold embellished shoulder bag: £30. I didn`t want to go for a pink clutch as it would clutch against the suit, So I didn`t really have much to go on and my colour coordination is terrible. So we went with this bag from River Island which is actually similar to a bag Jade has from Topshop. 

H&M Long Earrings: $9.99. Another extra if you didn`t want to feel bare, We went with these hammered effect earrings from H&M. These have exploded onto the scene lately especially the gold coloured ones. We also managed to find another pair in another style here.

ASOS DesignB London rose gold hairband: £6. As usaul as I was searching for outfits the inspiration flowed and ideas was coming at me from every angle. So to go with the confident, empowering, boss look we have going on we thought we would add this rose gold hairband. Slick your hair back into a low ponytail before adding this gem. 



River Island Lime cigarette trousers: £36. I know this won`t be too everyone’s taste but neon/fluro colours have also exploded onto the scene lately and the girls have been seen wearing it too and to be honest with you I got stuck with what to put for Jesy, You can`t really go to a engagement party dressed in all black now can you? Talk about a party spoiler. But we eventually got there and we came up with this. Can you guess where I got my inspiration from? Jesy rocked up to Leigh`s swimwear launch in a fluro number and she rocked it well, Very well. So we thought we would hop on that bandwagon and hey gusto here we are. I`d just like to point out that there is a difference between neons and limes and fluros..One is either brighter and the other is either dark, Found that out yesterday. Jesy wore neon green designer tailored trousers which complimented her legs so well, So we picked up these trousers from River Island which comes in a co-ord. 

River Island Bright yellow boyfriend blazer: £65. Don`t be fooled when it says bright yellow it`s the same colour as the trousers. This structured blazer would give your body definition and that confident/sexy feeling. This jacket is not only for a engagement party but it`s so versatile too, You can step out in black jeans, black boots and a black top whilst going out for dinner or you can wear it casually with jeans, trainers and a white cami. Great investment this jacket. 

PRETTYLITTLETHING WHITE UNDERWIRED CAGE DETAIL LACE BODY: £19. Because the co-ord does the talking and is so bright it could blind you we wanted to break up the colour in the middle with something white and we went with a bodysuit. Lace bodysuits have popped up onto the scene for the last year or so now and are everywhere. You can wear them for anything. I think the reason these have become so popular is because they are no longer seen as a lingerie product and more of a product you can wear everyday now. However if you don`t like the lace effect then we have picked up another bodysuit from MissGuided which is much more simpler here 

Boohoo Patent Court Shoes: £19. Again the suit does the talking and you don`t want anything else clashing with it, So we kept it simple with the shoes and went with these nude patent ones from Boohoo. 

PRETTYLITTLETHING SILVER 100MM HOOP EARRINGS: £2 Yes, These earrings again. But this time we went with a pair of silver earrings just because we think these would look great against the white. 

ASOS DESIGN tassel clutch bag: £12


ASOS DESIGN Petite 3D embellished crop top midi dress: £38. I`ve wanted to use this dress for so long in one of my inspireds I love it so much. I can see how it would be more of a race day/cocktail party in your garden/wedding dress but I think it could also pass as a engagement party dress as well. The colour on this is amazing, it blows my mind. I think it`s so cute because of the length and the way it is structured with the gems on the neck. You can get down to a tune or two with the skirt not being so fitted and tight, You can let go and be free and feel the wind in your hair as you dance around to your favourite songs. This dress also comes in other colours such as taupe and purple

ASOS DesignB London faux pearl detail large hair clip 2 pack: £8. These were what I was talking about earlier. Hair clips/slides have POPPED up massively onto the scene, They are everywhere! You can get them small, big, medium in whatever styles and colours they are everywhere, you cannot miss them. So we hopped on board that train and included these pearl hair clips. I did notice that pearl hair accessories are big this summer so we have a range of different styles and colours to choose from in a moment. But this would go perfect against your dress and you would look a million dollars. The other suggestions we got were another set of pearl slides, Rectangle, Hair slides.

PrettyLittleThing CLOVER SILVER METALLIC STRAP HEELED SANDALS: £18. As i`ve said before the dress does the talking and you don`t want everything else to be busy, So we kept it busy with a pair of silver heels from PrettyLittleThing. 

New Look Off White Faux Pearl Beaded Bag: £20. I originally wanted to go with a pearl clutch, But I soon found myself surrounded by these beauties. These have become so popular this summer, They are bang on trend. They are cute, quirky, chic and classic little bag. This bag is so unique and different and would make you stand out. They do come in other colours but we thought white would look great against the dress. We did have trouble finding one as most are sold out everywhere but we managed to there in the end with this one from New Look. However, We also managed to find one from here 

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Little Mix Dupe


Dupe – Boohoo Fishnet Slingback Pointed Toe Heels: £25.60

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Perrie On Instagram Stories | 14th June 2019

Boohoo x 

Gemma Collins Strappy Romper With Fluffy Trim: £12

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Jade On Instagram Stories | 17th June 2019

Boohoo x Gemma Collins Short Kimono Robe With Fluffy Sleeve: £16

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Requested Little Mix Pride Festival Inspired


Public Desire Dash neon orange colour drenched trainers: £34.99. For those unaware of what pride festival is, it`s not a festival where you take pride in what you do. Pride festival normally happens within the sunny months of June and July. Unfortunately, the world we live in today some parts still do not accept the LGBT community and this is the one chance for these special people to celebrate who they are and where they come from. It`s their chance to let themselves be themselves and get their message across whilst celebrating with friends and family. LGBT is a big part of the Little Mix community as well so please read on if you want to feel inspired. So we start things off with Jesy, As of recently Jesy has been wearing big, bright bold neon colours whether it`s small or big. Neon colours are bang on trend at the moment and you must be living under a rock if you haven`t seen a neon piece of clothing recently. As Pride means a lot of walking and standing around you don`t want to feel uncomfortable under the sweltering heat of the sun, So we opted for these neon orange trainers from Public Desire. Read on to see how they match up with her outfit.

PrettyLittleThing ORANGE NEON CYCLING SHORTS: £10. I am aware these may not be everyone`s type, But if you wanted to be colourful or fit in then pushing the boat out isnt going to hurt you. Of course you don`t always have to settle for a subtle choice of colour, Just keeping it to the bare minimum you can always wear a orange top and black shorts…Don`t forget you can always alternate and see what suits you best. As I mentioned it will be a hot sunny day so you would want to feel comfortable, Pride is all about unleashing your inner fun self and showing your personality, Why step out and be boring? These shorts are very camp/fun/trendy. What`s more is that you can get them in a variety of colours.

Adidas Originals bucket hat in orange: £22. When you`ve been under the sun for a long period you get all sorts of problems like a headache, sun stroke and a nice sunburn across your face. Bucket hats have become on trend again recently so it was only right for us to include it in this post.

Calvin Klein modern cotton bralette: £29. Jesy wears a lot of Calvin Klein bralets lately so it was right to include one. If you don`t feel comfortable like Jesy to walk around with your arms or shoulders out then read down below for a alternative.

ASOS DESIGN super crop t-shirt with raw edge in black: £8, Hi, yes welcome to the alternative. So this top could go on top of your Calvin Klein bralet, It would cover your shoulders and arms making you more covered. The reason why I like these crop tops is because I like showing people what brands I own (Weird I know). This crop top is short enough for it to show the brand on your bralet, not to mention this style of a crop top over a bralette have been around for ages and is again on trend again this year.

PrettyLittleThing BLACK OVERSIZED BOYFRIEND T SHIRT: £10. Another alternative that isnt pictured above, But this shirt is a alternative encase you don`t like showing off your tummy. The oversized look is also on trend so you won`t stand out. This would still go with your cycle shorts, chunky trainers and bucket hat. The shirt also comes in a variety of colours. You can also add a belt if you wish.


Topshop Bleach Ripped Hem Mom Jeans: £40. In case you didn`t want to show off your pins or it`s raining then why not opt for a pair of mom jeans? The jean Perrie loves the most. Mom jeans don`t stick to your skin so won`t make you sweat, they are free and light so you won`t feel as uncomfortable as you would with a pair of skinny jeans.

NastyGal Mouth rainbow tee: Perrie has been wearing her Stella McCartney tee a lot lately and whilst that shirt is out of everyone’s price range we won`t be including it. She also likes a good white tee which comes in handy here. At Pride you would want to be sending out a positive message and show them you are supporting them so why not with this shirt? It`s casual with a small rainbow marking on the top. Tuck it into your pair of mom jeans and you`re good to go.

Topshop CUBA Lace Up Trainers: £29. If you don`t want to be paying the price of her Superga trainers then what a brilliant alternative these are and they are only from Topshop!.

H&M Sunglasses with beads: £12.99. Your eyes can be damaged from the sun and your mum won`t be best pleased with me if I don`t advise you to go outside without sunglasses. So we picked these ones up from H&M, Perrie`s sunglasses style is very…chic/boho/girlie and I think these tick the box.

H&M Braided shoulder bag: £24.99. I tried my best to find a alternative for her Balenciaga shopping tote bag that we see on a regular basis but none seemed right to me until I found this bag. Now it`s small and lightweight and personally for me I like a bag that wouldn`t bother as me as much such as bashing into my side or legs or constantly having to pull the strap up. I think this is a great little bag, The straw/braid effect is bang on trend at the moment and it`s great for storing all of your essentials such as chapstick, sunglasses and water. These can also be used for the the other girls outfits.


Topshop Button Midi Skirt With Linen: £42. Leigh has been to pride once in New York and we saw a small glimpse of her outfit. I took inspiration from that outfit and put it into this post as otherwise it was going to be denim shorts again. So I chose this lemon midi wrap button skirt from Topshop and before you ask yes it can look good. I love the colour of this it`s so gorgeous and it would compliment your body well. You can team this skirt with a white crop top or a top from our Pride section down below. You`ll be a fool not to get this skirt.

Ego Shoes Kim Chunky Trainer In White: £19.99. Leigh also teamed her look with some chunky Chanel trainers and so did we. Chunky trainers are not everyone’s thing but you can always get some cute ones if you look around. We picked these ones up from Ego, But you can always look around and find a alternative suited for you. Also don`t be scared to scared to experiment with any of your outfit choices…Chunky trainers go with everything.

Urban Outfitters Pacific Palms Shell Necklace: $18. I wanted to include these because shell jewellery has become BIG lately, Like it`s just popped up and everyone is wearing it including Perrie. So you no longer have to go to the beach and string a bunch of shells together, You can simply go to Urban Outfitters.

Topman Cow Shell Bracelet: £10


Topshop PETITE Premium Denim Mom Shorts: £32. Jade was the most easiest for me as she had been to Pride before. She kept her outfit simple but effective. So for a nice summers day why not get your pins out? I picked these denim shorts up from Topshop for this look.

Converse Pride Chuck ‘70 Lo Rainbow Black Glitter Trainers: £70 A great shoe for this look would be converse! So I picked these rainbow shoes from ASOS, Again you`re showing your pride and passion for a community with a small statement. But if you didn`t like those shoes then you can always opt for plain white converse.

NastyGal Rainbow gender hair clips: £4 These clips you can add if you want, But I find they are a cheeky little accessory, Again with the same powerful statement. 


If you wanted to show your support for pride and the LGBT community then why not do it with some of these.

Tops: Pick from a variety of different coloured shirts with a variety of slogans such as Equal/Love is Love/White heart print shirt/Love wins/Pride and no prejudice/rainbow crop top

Shorts – Adidas Originals Pride taping shorts in black: $74

Socks – Boohoo

Pride Rainbow Embroidered Sport Sock: £3/Pride socks

Shoes – Adidas Continental 80 SOff White Blue Tint Pride: £74.99/ Dr Martens

Jackets – Multicolour denim jacket/Multicolour rain mac

Hats – Boohoo Pride Cap With Rainbow Heart Embroidery: £8 Equality/Love without limits/Bucket hat/Adidas

Bags – 

Pride Clear Perspex Tote Bag With Print

Accessories – ASOS colourful ear cuff//Multicolour hair slides/Rainbow heart sunglasses/Rainbow braces/Hair Clips

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Jade Supporting Cayla`s Fight | 11th May 2019