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Requested Little Mix University Inspired Outfi…

Requested Little Mix University Inspired Outfits


Lazy Oaf pastel rainbow stripe fine knit jumper: £65. So you`ve left home and now you`ve joined the confines that is university. Time to get SWEARWORD Faced, poor, stressed and overwhelmed as you embark on a new chapter of your life. But some things don`t change. Stereotyping still exists in your new compound and people will still judge you but let`s forget about all of that and enjoy the marvel that is this post. Who remembers Perrie`s rainbow jumper? Or as I like to call it the cake jumper. That jumper was a thing of beauty, But unfortanely it`s not on sale anymore. So I found the third best next thing (MissGuided have a better one but that`s also sold out). Just looking at it makes me feel warm. What`s better is that you can also get it in a cardigan version. Added note – MissGuided do a rainbow version of the jumper and cardigan.

ASOS DESIGN Ridley high waist skinny jeans in mid green blue tone wash: £28. This is the more casual out of the four outfits we have on offer here today, But I did slightly have trouble with Perrie because I wasn`t sure to go with the Kelly Kapowski looks she had going on one time. If you wanted too you can resort back to them times and get some inspiration from them and use them in your outfits today.

Topshop Plain Vest: £6. The jumper is a bit see through, You don`t everyone seeing your nipples. So a plain and simple vest top will do.

Vans Old Skool platform trainers in black and white: £60. You don`t have to team it with vans, You can also team it with white trainers.

Forever21 Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack: £25


MissGuided black new york white oversized t-shirt dress: £18. Yes, I know it`s similar to the last post but Jesy can be quite difficult to style for sometimes. I knew I wanted black because that`s what she wears 99% of the time but that`s all I knew the rest was like knowing if your boyfriend cheated on you. My next rant is trying to find a t-shirt dress..Oh my god, That took me round the block trying to find a decent one. Trying to find one with a graphic print and small sleeves, Do you know how many of these things had these ridiculous long sleeves? Like ridiculously long to the bottom of the arm basically. The only good thing to come out of it is, if your a hard up student who spent your money on alcohol, then this can double up as pyjamas.


Ray-Ban Folding RB4105 Matte Black 601S 50mm: £77. When don`t we find Jesy hiding behind a pair of sunglasses?

Ego Elijah Chunky Trainer In All Black: £19.99


Harvard Jumper: I dunno if any of you have noticed but Jade loves promoting. Whether it will be Little Mix or a charity, LGBT, USA Pro. She will literally be the only one who will promote the University, She may also be the only one to make the University win a spelling bee.

H&M Skinny Low Jeans: £17.99.

Topshop Mid Blue Joni Jeans: £36. I have got two outfits for Jade on this one, I dunno why. But inspired by when Jade met Todrick a couple of weeks ago I put a little denim ensemble together.

H&M Denim jacket: £14.99

Topshop Plain Zip Polo Shirt: £14. It doesn`t have to be a t-shirt or green, it can be a long sleeve style in any colour.

Converse White All Star Oxford Mono Trainers: £50


Forever21 Distressed Denim Shorts: £22. When I was making this outfit I was getting fashionist vibes. You know that girl who is doing a fashion course, she`s the most popular always comes in the most trendiest outfit. 

Urban Outfitters iets frans… Slogan D-Ring Belt: £14. Now these belts are making the rounds this season, You`ve seen them on Little Mix and other celebrities. This belt with the long…taping? Is everywhere. One for the hipsters. You can get them in different styles and variations. I believe this trend was started by OFF WHITES yellow slogan belt which has to be the most recognised belt out their. This one from Urban Outfitters is very similar, but it`s also very cheaper. You can also get it in black

PrettyLittleThing WHITE CALIFORNIA RIB SLOGAN CROP TOP: £6. I forgot to include the top…This is going so well. But inspired by Leigh`s it`s cool to be kind top from Topshop came along this top. Now you can get it in different colours. You can also get it in different countries if you don`t like California. Paris

Urban Outfitters BDG Halle Cropped Denim Trucker Jacket: $79. Last but not least, Inspired by Leigh`s jacket style at Wireless and her house warming party came along this. Again it`s denim on denim and you can wear this slouched round your arms possibly giving off that don`t come near me vibe.

Ego Kim Chunky Trainer In White: £19.99. Great alternative to her Balenciaga trainers.

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Requested School Inspire So here we are on the…

Requested School Inspire 

So here we are on the verge of another school term, More work, More stress and lots more gossip. It`s always important when you go back to school to look the part and to fit in. I just want to state that I live In the UK and our system is different from America`s.

In England we wear Uniforms, formal, conservative uniforms, We don`t wear uniforms to make ourselves look like idiots, but If I remember correctly from when I was back at school it`s too fit into the community and to banish any stereotyping. I had a conversation about this topic with someone the other day and it`s interesting to see how different countries approach the situation. Now when I see American school uniforms I do see trouble, but only the stereotyping trouble where people will judge you on the spot. I don`t know why America doesn`t have school uniforms? But this topic has a lot of pros and cons. Non uniform you can express your individuality and personality, You can experiment with your style and you don`t have to stick to one store to get your uniform. In England most schools stick to one shop to get your Uniform with only a couple of bits you can get elsewhere, A uniform here is expensive, It can reach up to £200 (This includes all the unnecessary bits like a cooking apron???). I know on this blog we get a lot of people from different countries and it varies in each one, But I am not taking offence to anyone about what you wear. So I hope with this post you can learn something and maybe discover something about yourself.

New Look Black Borg Collar Denim Jacket: £27.99. Let`s begin because i`ve been doing this for hours and these next two posts are going to be just me moaning. So I put myself in the situation if I was a school kid living in America, You don`t wanna walk into school wearing a bright pink sequin dress do you, So you got to play it a bit more conservative and mature. I picked this denim jacket from New Look, Inspired by Jade. It`s not too heavy or uncomfortable it`s just right for summer, Autumn or Spring..Winter you need your duvet. Also I think a black denim jacket will go with almost any outfit.

Forever21 Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack: £25. As if waking up at 6am in the morning isnt a work out enough, then carrying 10 books is. We have all been in that situation where the teacher gives us a book and we try to stuff it into our bag along with our lunch, keys, money and clothes. It`s a struggle isnt it? I don`t think a big enough bag exists to fit all of it in..Maybe a suitcase will work? Luckilly, lockers exist and we can stuff all of our bits and bobs into that. I picked out this bag because it`s a simple, classic, mature bag that looks big enough to hold all of it in. You don`t want all the misery of searching for the lock and key to open it. But I do have some other alternatives…A simple backpack that would do a good enough job, Also I found this tote bag, with a avacado on it. What`s is the deal with avacados these days?

River Island Black basic scoop neck long sleeve top: £12. Can`t be a post without essentials, A simple black plain top. This will go with any outfit you desire. Also comes in other colours.

H&M Skinny Low Jeans: £17.99. 

ASOS RAID Luisa Black Metal Tipped Ankle Boots: £34.99. To finish this outfit off I picked some cute little ankle boots, any ankle boots will do but yet again most of the ones I picked were out of stock. So I picked these one up from ASOS, Very similar to the ones Perrie wore. 

Look 2

New Look

Black Party Cycling Shorts: £7.99. So I didn`t know if you was a on trend person or you like to be laid back. So I put this outfit together for on trend person in you if you are about somewhere. The black cycle shorts are back, they are a firm favourite here. You will see why they are here down below VV 

PrettyLittleThing BLACK CHICAGO SLOGAN OVERSIZED T SHIRT: £10. The oversized t-shirt look with the black cycle shorts is very on trend this year. I`ve featured it a lot on this blog and I can see why it`s popular. I myself wanted to create this look until Prettylittlething mucked up my order. You know when your just in a lazy mood and you don`t feel like wearing too much or feeling uncomfortable then this would be a good example of what to wear. Cycling shorts are becoming a quick essential so don`t throw them away just yet, your dad might ask you to come on a cycling trip with him,

Converse All Star Hi Black Canvas: £52.99. These trainers will go with anything, that`s the good thing about converse. Also the white is a great alternative.

Look 3

H&M Slim Mom Jeans: £17. Completely forgot about this look, I`m getting it mixed up with the other one. But if you wanted the more casual, upbeat outfit then this is the one for you. 

H&M Cotton T-shirt: £3.99

Converse White All Star Oxford Mono Trainers: £50

Forever21 Zip-Up Drawstring Hoodie: £14. Now we come to the extras. I always carry a jacket or jumper with a hoodie, because i`m really fussy and self conscious about my hair. Once it goes wavy that`s it…Thankfully it`s a lot better now then when it was when I was younger. A prime example for you..It had been raining and we was walking outside, it was humid and you had that humidity in the air. I was walking round with my hood up and a girl proceeds to ask me `Why have you got your hood up?` I told her it`s because the weather like this effects my hair. If your having similar trouble, don`t worry it will get better. But yes my hair effects my mood and I persume it goes for all of the girls out their. Anyway, You can also use a hoodie to quickly throw on for when it`s cold.

Forever21 Pleated Check Mini Skirt: £16. Now I dunno if in America you have the same rules as us in school? I wanted to include this skirt but suddenly memories or school came flooding back. Over here when teachers see your skirt anywhere above your knee they have heart attacks. But these type of skirts..The check/tartan skirts are very in at the moment, lots of big stores like Topshop and ASOS and so on all have them in different colours, styles etc. This would look good with that black River Island top and some black converse, maybe a french beret, that black backpack and a french breadstick if you want to go for the cool schoolgirl look.

ASOS DESIGN high crown wool baker boy hat: £12.50. I wanted to include this because it`s very school girly. Will hide that greasy hair or bald patch.

Forever21 Rhinestone Star & Moon Layered Necklace: £4.50. If your wondering why there is a lot of stuff from Forever21 then it`s because I had a email come through this morning informing me Forever21 have back to school deals on, So you requested at the right time. Layered necklaces, Big thing this year. Unfortunately for us Brits we`re not allowed to wear jewellery apart from a small minuscule earring. 

ASOS DESIGN Hair Loop Styling Tool: £5. Because i`m that bit extra i`ve added some hair styling tools for you. What girl doesn`t love experimenting with their hair? We all love compeating with one another to see who comes in with the best hair and who`s looks good. But then you have competition with yourself..Trying to maintain it, keep it up right Infact it happens so much it`s a chore, you eventually pull it out and give up. Well thankfully people listened to us and they could relate, hence these hair styling tools, I tried to find as many as I could. 

Claires Boxer Braids Hair Tools Kit: £6. I wanted to include hair accessories but I wasn`t what was too dressy. But Claires do great hair accessories, They don`t just cater for your five year old sister. 

Claires Scunci Multi Styler: £5.50.

Revlon® Sophist-O-Twist Hair Tool: £8

Claires Hot Pink Case with Brown Bobby Pins: £4.50. Was looking for more hair styling tools and I came across this and I thought it was so cute, So I included it. Claires has all the essentials like bobby pins, hair bands, clips etc.

New Look 3 Pack Check Scrunchies: £3.99. I feel as though the scrunchie is a everyday essential for a school uniform. If you don`t like the look of these I also found these ones

This post does contain affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through these links I earn a tiny commission to keep the blog running. It does not cost you any extra.

Requested Little Mix Acting Audition Outfit In…

Requested Little Mix Acting Audition Outfit Inspired


H&M Linen shirt: £29.99. So way back when Leigh went on a night out for about 3 weekends in a row she wore shirts, Green, Blue. Initially I did find hers hard for about 2 minutes until ding ding ding it clicked. Now for a acting audition you want to be showing the producers, directors whoever is auditioning you your skills, your acting ability and so forth, you are not in their to make a statement with your outfit of choice. You will want to feel comfortable and relaxed as the words roll off your tongue and you would want the person who is auditioning you to feel that. Going into that room wearing a bra, hotpants, heels is not going to give off that vibe is it. They arent going to care about what you are wearing, it`s inside what counts. But then on the other side of the coin you can`t turn up naked, Hence why we have some outfits for you. I know they are very simplistic but maybe in the next audition you will get to come dressed as Jack Sparrow. So yes this look is inspired by Leigh, A simple blue shirt from H&M, you don`t have to choose blue it does come in many other colours such as pink, Navy and white.

H&M Jersey strappy top: £3.99.  Most people would call this top a essential, a necessity. You don`t need to go over the top, you may become hot whilst waiting so taking the shirt off and having this underneath will not show much flesh.

River Island Mid blue Original Skinny ripped jeans: £45. I know what your thinking, Emma wheres the pants in this outfit. Well River Island was being awkward and wouldn`t let me save the picture at all so your gonna have to make do a with a link instead. Now these do have a rip but it`s a mid size rip and not one of them extreme ones which is ok, Still looks simple. But you don`t have to pick a ripped jean. I was looking for a jean that would go well with the shirt, So I was looking for a sort of blue faded jean similar to the blue shown in the link. To finish the look you can simply have your hair in a bun or down.

H&M Ankle boots: £29.99. I did struggle finding the right boots for this outfit because I wasn`t sure black would go. I didn`t find any but I do have some links to some shoe websites which might just find what you are looking for. So first off Schuh or as I like to pronounce it Sc-huh. Or Office


H&M Super Skinny High Jeans: £14.99. Do we all remember the time when Jesy went boho and loved fringes, crochet, lace, tassles and whatever else. This look is inspired from that. So we start with some very simple H&M Black jeans, which come in many other colours but you all probably wouldn`t choose these because H&M sizing is weird.

URBAN MIST Laser Cut Faux Suede Waterfall Fringed Waistcoat: £25. Now we come to the masterpiece of this outfit, I was initially looking for a fringe, tassle black waistcoat but guess what no where had one in stock. So I went with this one which is close enough, This will compliment your body, hiding those hips you hate, make your waist, upper body and thighs look slimmer and hide your butt if you don`t like people peering at it.

H&M Satin blouse with lace sleeves: £15. This isnt the original top you see in the photo up above because as soon as I went onto the link it sold out. So it`s a alternative. Now it`s your choice if you wanted to show your arms, A simple black vest top like the one from H&M I`ve just mentioned is fine enough. Or you can cover up your arms with a simple black lace sleeved top. Now I had trouble with this one because most of the tops I found were lace or crochet but they were showing your bra. The trouble I had with that was 1. Not a lot of people like to show their bra in public, 2. Is it really necessary for the director/Producer to see your bra when auditioning. May it distract them? So I looked long and hard for ones that covered up, Went down the entire page and I couldn`t find any, So went back up to the top and I found 2. The other one is very similar except it has a V Neck but won`t show much chest.

H&M Ankle boots: £29.99


Topshop Long Sleeve T-Shirt by Boutique: £28. Back In 2016/17 Perrie wore this grey ribbed top, It was very simple but versatile she wore it was a top and she also wore it as a dress which nearly ended in showing everyone everything. I myself have been looking for that top for ages on Depop because it`s very simple, it goes with everything and anything. Topshop have recently brought out a similar one but from what I can tell it`s lightweight and will fall off your body where as the one she wore is structed. Now I`m not saying being a lightweight is a bad thing, this won`t cling to you, it won`t unflatter you either. Hurry though, it`s quickly running out of stock.

Topshop MOTO Authentic Joni Jeans: £36. Yes Joni Jeans are back, high waisted jeans to complete the look. You don`t need to overdo it, something you feel comfortable and relaxed in as it will be a long day.

Adidas Originals Nizza Lo: £55. You can`t really go wrong with a pair of white trainers, they go with everything and are the most comfortable going, probably why Perrie favoured them for a while. You don`t have to go for the most expensive though, a pair of white trainers costing under £55 would do just the trick as well. 


ASOS DESIGN ruffle bardot top with lace: £30. Again, this is a different top then what is pictured above simple because that was sold out. So I managed to find another similar. Now this does show your shoulders, but it`s not to the point where it`s extremely flashy. A cute little piece that will help make you feel confident. Another similar is found here.

Denim Shorts. So it`s your choice if you wanted to pair this with denim shorts or jeans, I would mostly go for the shorts because it would go better. You don`t want a pair of shorts that flash your butt and give the producers more then what they bargained for. I haven`t picked just one denim shorts because I couldn`t decide, So i`m giving you a whole page.

Converse All Star Hi Optical White: £52.99. Last but not least converse, a very versatile piece these will go with absolutely anything and are a essential in your wardrobe.

Throwback Little Mix At LAX | 3rd August 2015J…

Throwback Little Mix At LAX | 3rd August 2015


Shoes – Nike


Bag –  Goyard St. Louis PM Tote: Sold Out

Bracelet –  Hermes Black/Gold Plated Wide Bracelet: Sold Out

Belt – 

Hermes Logo Belt: Sold Out

Pants –  Topshop MOTO Vintage Rinse Leigh Jeans: Sold Out


Shoes –  Free People Plough the Stars Sandals: sold out

Dress –  Free People ‘Something About Sam’ Shirtdress: Sold Out


Shoes – Converse All Star high top white trainers: £55

Sunglasses – 

Miu Miu Jewel Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Sold Out

Top –  Eleven Paris Exclusive to ASOS T-Shirt Dress in Disney Princess Print with Slogan Back: Sold Out

Bag – 

Vans x Disney Princess Backpack: Sold Out

Perrie On Instagram Stories | 24th July 2018 …

Perrie On Instagram Stories | 24th July 2018

Converse All Star high top white trainers: £55

chanel official Butterfly Pearl Polarized Sunglasses

Throwback Little Mix Perform At Radio City Sum…

Throwback Little Mix Perform At Radio City Summer Live | 19th July 2014


Swimsuit – 

Pretty Little Thing Zandra Cut Out Swimsuit: Sold Out

Pants – Topshop Gray Check Trousers by Boutique: Sold Out

Shoes – 

Dr. Martens 1460 Boots: $140


Shoes – Air Jordans


Shorts – Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade PU Shorts in Black: Sold Out

Belt – Topshop Patent Belt: Sold Out

Shoes –  Converse Chuck Taylor All-Black Sneakers

Bodysuit – 

Rickety Rack Crochet Neck Bodysuit: Sold Out


Shoes – New Rock

Throwback Little Mix At Perth Airport | 18th J…

Throwback Little Mix At Perth Airport | 18th July 2017


Shoes – 

Converse White Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Trainers: $55

Sunglasses – 

Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses: Sold Out

Hat – Jack Daniels THE LABEL HAT: $20.99

Jumper – 

Little Mix Black Glory Days: Sold Out


Sunglasses – 

Dior Split Two-Tone Metallic Aviator Sunglasses, Light Pink/Rose Golden: Sold Out

Suitcase –  Gucci GG Supreme duffle: £1,300

Shoes – 

Valentino Rockstud rubber slides: Sold Out


Pants – 

Wulfsport kids XCEL blue trials pants

Sunglasses – CHANEL Butterfly Pearl Polarized Sunglasses 5338-H Black: Sold Out

 Bag – 

Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 Bandoulière Infinite

Throwback Perrie On Instagram | 18th July 2015…

Throwback Perrie On Instagram | 18th July 2015


Adidas Pharrell Dear Baes Runners Shorts; Sold Out

Chuck Taylor XX Hi All Stars: $59.99

Throwback Little Mix At Key103 Summer Live | 1…

Throwback Little Mix At Key103 Summer Live | 17th July 2014


Shoes –  Dr Martens 1460 Boots in Black Smooth: $140

Top – This is a love song


Shoes –  Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Leather Monochrome Sneakers

Jacket – 

Topshop Slim Curve Blazer


Bodysuit – 

River Island Black Baroque Bodysuit: Sold Out

Shorts – Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade PU Shorts in Black: Sold Out

Choker – 

Shop Dakota Black Cord Pentagram Necklace

Belt – Topshop Patent Belt: Sold Out

Shoes –  Converse Chuck Taylor All-Black Sneakers


Shoes –  New Rock World Bufalo Boots

Shorts – 

Topshop Black High Waisted Shorts: Sold Out

Shirt – 

H&M Long Flannel Shirt: Sold Out

Bodysuit – ASOS

Requested Perrie and Jade Inspired Cinema Outf…

Requested Perrie and Jade Inspired Cinema Outfits

In order to post this requests Tumblr won`t allow me to upload both sets at the same time, So they will come in separate posts.


ASOS Pull&Bear mickey mouse sweater in pink: £19.99. I`ve always found with Jade that she likes to be comfortable in what she wears, she`s very tomboyish/grungey. That doesn`t mean she goes to the cinema in a floor length gown dressed head to toe in jewels. You will also find that she travels everywhere mostly in a outfit like this of some sort. Of course she also likes a jumper..She has her favourites..The Gucci one, the Aladdin one. So continuing on with the Disney theme I`ve chosen this Mickey Mouse jumper from ASOS which is only selling for £19.99!. It`s very retro/90s (Correct me if I am wrong). She likes to feel comfortable, comfy and relaxed so if your looking for all that and more this is ya gal. I also wouldn`t advise wearing a jumper to the cinema in very hot weather in which the UK is experiencing right now. A t-shirt would be suitable.

Converse All Star high top white trainers: £55. Surely I`m not the only person on this planet who is not keen on Converse? Don`t get me wrong I have worn converse in the past like 3x? But I just find them so uncomfortable. I find the bottom isnt very stable, It literally feels like a piece of cardboard protecting your feet and when you go over something like stones you can feel them digging in and then they scuff and like misjointed. Rant over..That doesn`t mean you have to not wear converse, of you can you can choose other suitable, cheap trainers that will do the job just as well as converse.

ASOS DESIGN Farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in dark wash: £32. What else I have found is that Jade doesn`t seem like a tight jeans kind of gal. She may of worn a couple of tight jeans in the past but she doesn`t wear them often. I dunno what you call the jeans when it`s tight but much looser, not mom jeans. She is into those kind of jeans which is fine if you wanna feel relaxed and comfortable and wanna enjoy Channing Tatum in piece. Of course do your research if you want to find cheaper mom looking jeans.

Boohoo Petite 2 In 1 Zip Out Parka With Faux Fur Hood: £15 Wouldn`t really be a Jade inspired post without a parka wouldn`t it? So in this 25 degree heat we are currently facing here in the UK why not bring along your parka for the ride too. Just simply because Jade doesn`t go anywhere with a parka is the reason I have added one. The one I have chosen is similar to hers, Unless you love all the multicoloured furs and over top hoods. This is currently £15 with 75% off so grab yourself a bargain for the winter months.