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Stick like toffee, sip like coffee. Wake up, change your mind, and drop me. Love to hate me, crazy, shady. Spit me out like hot wasabi.


Girl, just come round mine tonight
Ive got wine and makeup wipes
Ill hold you

Dublin, Ireland – 10/10

Belfast, Ireland – 7/10

Belfast – 07/10

Belfast – 06/10

I definitely feel that it’s taken me a long while to completely feel comfortable in the skin that I’m in. Sadly we live in a society that is inbuilt with racism and I just hope that by speaking up on my personal experience, I can help raise some awareness on this f–ked up situation. I really did feel invisible and replaceable for a considerable amount of time within the band, but I truly believe as the years have gone on I’m beginning to own it more and more. I’ve always been proud of who I am but maybe for a while I forgot how special and powerful that is. Being black is powerful, being black is beautiful and I’m ready to shout it to the world!

Happy 28th Birthday, LeighAnne! 4 October, 1991.

Paris – 28/09