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Little Mix DupeExact – Moschino Short sleeve t…

Little Mix Dupe

Exact – Moschino Short sleeve t-shirts

Dupe – Topshop Now Or Never’ Crop Top by We Own The Night: £18

Little Mix Dupe

Little Mix Dupe

Exact – Slashed By Tia Yellow reflective ruffle set: $250



Leigh With A Fan | 22nd June 2018

Leigh With A Fan | 22nd June 2018

The Dolls House Fashion NIKITA SHORTS IN BLACK: £130

Little Mix Dupe 

Little Mix Dupe 

Exact – Mistress Rocks RARITY WHITE JERSEY BARDOT TOP: £39


Leigh With A Fan | 22nd June 2018

Leigh With A Fan | 22nd June 2018

Topshop Bright Check Wrap Midi Skirt: £46

Leigh With A Fan | 21st June 2018

Leigh With A Fan | 21st June 2018

Urban Outfitters Nostalgic Cropped Crew-Neck Sweatshirt: $59

Leigh With A Fan | 21st June 2018Topshop Check…

Leigh With A Fan | 21st June 2018

Topshop Checked Popper Trousers: £20

Valentino Garavani Rockstud leather shoulder bag: £830

Throwback Little Mix Perform On 4music | 23rd …

Throwback Little Mix Perform On 4music | 23rd June 2015


Top – 

Lavish Alice Draped Bandeau Top: Sold Out 

Pants – 

Topshop Cropped Wide Leg Trousers: Sold Out 

Shoes – 

Topshop ROMAN Gold Trim Sandals: Sold Out


Dress – 

Topshop Striped Midi Dress: Sold Out 

Gilet – 

Topshop Suede Fringe Gilet: Sold Out

Shoes – Topshop ‘Wallflower’ Wedge Sandal, 5" heel: Sold Out


Top – 

Missguided Floral Print Crop Top: Sold Out

Pants – 

Jens Pirate Booty Pantalones: $187


Skirt – 

Alica + Olivia Lantern Skirt:Sold Out

Shoes – 

Topshop Patent High Boots: Sold Out

Requested Greece Inspired Holiday LookOh man t…

Requested Greece Inspired Holiday Look

Oh man this one was hard, mainly due to the fact my internet started to play up 🙁 But we got there in the end and i`m pretty proud of my results. This was pretty much open, Perrie, Leigh and Jade were easy to do, but Jesy was hardest and I was stuck with 3 things for her because she doesn`t go on holiday alot or she doesn`t broadcast her vaction so it was quite hard to know what to go for. But these are my results


Prettylittlething KHAKI CONTRAST HIGH WAISTED BIKINI BOTTOMS: £10. We don`t see Jesy in bikinis a lot, not as much as the other girls at least. But I know she has worn black and white bikinis and it`s quite hard to know what kind of bikini she likes. So I went for one she has worn before for a night out, but in white and black. But this time you can get in a khaki set, you can also get it in black if you check out the link. When she wore it I think it suited her, you have none of that buisness today where you can see the bras today and the cups are bigger then your face, I don`t like that personally. I do think she needs to compliment her figure more and she can start with not wearing them bras.

MissGuided black oversized fishnet tshirt dress: £12. So it hasn`t been until the last two or three years Jesy has worn colour, black is still her favourite colour it seems but she`s starting to stray away from it now. Immediatley this piece stood out for me not because it`s black but because she has worn similars before on stage. This is perfect for a holiday as it`s light and easy and you can throw it on over a bikini, you can wear it to the shops on holiday etc. Definitely a staple this one.

Topshop Red Bead and Tassel Drop Earrings: £7. This is where I started struggling. Thankfully I remembered to when she wore these and I thought, these would look great on holiday. The colour is obviously a friend of the suns, will go with a outfit for when your shopping so if you team them with a dress and some sandals and a bag I think it would look great. I do think they are more suited for night time however, as they look more like that way. But together with a tan you`ll be winning at life.

Havaianas Black Slim Flip Flops: £24. One thing i`ve seen Jesy wear all the time is flip flops, never really seen her wear anything else on holiday. These are great for slipping and sliding them on, when you want to walk on the beach and you don`t want sand between your toes. Of course you can get cheaper ones at your Primark or Walmart. Jade is also a keen flip flop fan.

Topshop Jacquard Ruffle Wrap Midi Dress: £49. I know what your thinking…A dress for Jesy? Which isnt black. Well since she decided to stray from black she`s also gone and worn different clothes now and that includes dresses. I noticed she likes free flowing dresses, something you can move about in, maybe kick a leg. This one came about as I remembered her instagram stories from her recent holiday in which she wore a green dress, but without the ruffles. But in the same colour. This can be worn to town for a shopping spree with again some sandals and a pair of earrings.

MissGuided Black stud oversized sunglasses: £16. Sunglasses seem to be Little Mix`s thing nowadays, you can`t go a day without seeing one of them wearing any. When I was struggling I found these and they screamed Jesy to me because they are black, they are studded, they are bold and edgy just like Jesy. Studded sunglasses are very on trend at the moment, I believe these are cheaper then the Topshop versions. 

Ego Zane Studded Detail Espadrille Slider In Black Faux Leather: £24.99. I know what your thinking, what the hell are those. Well Jesy has a tendancy to wear ugly, unattractive shoes. When I saw these those Topshop black mules she wore some back come to mind and I can honestly say I am not a fan of the mule. But anyway, these are big black and boldy, they can slip on and off why not be ideal for Jesy? They tick every box.

Topshop Mom Authentic Rip High Rise Short: £32. When they performed on the Dangerous Woman tour last year, Jesy was never out of shorts. Her go to outfit, which by the way always looked at though she was going to the beach consisted of bra top, shorts and sliders that was it. So how can this not be a inspired without a pair of ripped denim shorts. Of course to spice it up a bit I chose a blue pair, but you can go for black. Have to be ripped obviously or otherwise that isnt edgy Jesy.


H&M Patterned kaftan: £8.99. So next we have Leigh, so what inspired this look is when she was on the Neon Lights tour and she posed next to the star sign in this Topshop floral shirt dress thingy. This looks so good it doesn`t even look like a kaftan, you can wear it as a dress or a beach cover up one of the two. Like in photo you can dress it up with a belt and some sliders.

Zara CONTRAST TUNIC WITH BOW: £29.99. This next piece is inspired by her bathrobe look at the Brit Awards this year. Now we have mentioned this item before on this blog so it must be a favourite of mine. But this isnt a bath robe or a dressing gown it`s actually a shirt dress or just a dress if you will. With the special pattern it has going on and with the tie up belt I think it looks cute, and of course it looks summery. Ideal for going shopping in with the mules i`ve included in the set. You don`t have to make much effort with this item and considering it`s Zara you`ve got a pretty good going on.

ASOS DESIGN mix and match crinkle tie side brazilian bikini: £10. Simple and plain black bikini, you can never go on holiday without a black bikini and that`s what Leigh always seems to do. It`s a staple and versatile, you can swap the black bikini top with that red bikini top of yours..Mixing and matching as they say. 

ASOS Moon River wide leg button trousers: £68. We come to one of the more expensive items of this inspired look. So way back when Leigh wore some white culottes with black buttons, I have seen quite a few white culotte pants over the last few years so it seems that trend isnt dying out anytime soon. So I thought why not pick up on that trend. These would be ideal for sightseeing, shopping, eating out whatever. With the large slit up the side you won`t be feeling hot or bothered and it`s borderline sexy…Not sure if you was going for the sexy look but you get my gist. This will be ideal with the mules and a white crop top, to be honest if I saw you I would think your rich if you were wearing this outfit. A very luxurious, relaxed feel to this outfit, I think this is a staple piece. But what do you think?

quay australia x missguided gold/smoke fade cool innit sunglasses: £45. It can`t be a inspired without sunglasses and especially for Leigh, she is known for her sunglasses and I think she has a exstensive collection of designer glasses now ranging from Dior to Prada to Gucci to Rayban. But unfortanely not many of us can afford designer like she can. But luckilly the ones she wears you can pick up for much less in a high street shop..Makes you wonder why she can`t save the pounds? The ones I have picked are similar to her Dior ones I think? I have no idea I get so mixed up between them all unless they are obvious. These are from Quay, but they have recently joined up with MissGuided for a collaboraton. However, they are still the expensive price they are so what was the point of that? If you want a really good pair of sunglasses then I recommend Quay, I love their designs personally, I don`t like sunglasses that show your eyes cause what`s the point of that if your meant to be wearing sunglasses in the first place? I wanna wear sunglasses so nobody can see what I`m looking at, I wanna look moody AF, I wanna look like Miranda Pricesley. 

ASOS MOUSE Pointed Mules: £18. Bet you can guess where I got the inspiration from ;). Mules are very much in at the moment, not Jesy`s big buckle motorcycle i`m gonna eat you up size, but the more smaller size. Gucci have recently launched a selection of mules that seemed to of gone popular and now everyone is duping and copying etc. These can go with pretty much any outfit and you can slip and slide them off whenever. Personally for me, I think mules make you look sophiscated and a lady..yes a lady, who wants to become one of those? Not me. Ok maybe they arent for everyone but if you want to look smart and regal mules are the one. Of course mules are all over the place in different styles and colours and what not, so have a look around first to find the right pair for you.

MissGuided white harness strap detail bralet: £8. It seems as though Leigh`s style staple to go to is a white bralet, it can go with anything and it doesn`t break the bank. I picked this one up from MissGuided for £8

MissGuided black crochet beaded mini dress: £35. One has noticed Leigh likes alot of black lace, netted, fishnet mesh dresses. This type of dress may not be for everyone, it`s more ideal for on the beach or Ibiza but will live. The model makes a great example of a beach cover up with it, might catch a few fish with it aswell when you go into the sea. You can also get this in white. 


Topshop Rope Sandals: £22. Ah man Perrie was the easiest one for me, mostly inspired by her recent holiday to Greece I came up with loads. She likes the Grecian, boho and hippie style, the crochet and lace style, mostly teamed with the creams, beiges and whites. Also her style similarly crosses over with Leigh sometimes, so some of Leigh`s items could also go with Perrie and vice versa. Anyway first thing on agenda. Now rope sandals are pretty much Perrie`s style, hers looked much cuter then these but will go with it. You can find these type of shoes anywhere else like ASOS or or or or…anywhere else. Maybe for cheaper aswell.

Miss Selfridge Natural Circle Straw Tote Bag: £25. Continuing on with the bohoo, grecian theme we have a bag! Yes a love big round bag that looks like your dinner table. These straw bags are very on trend, especially the ones that are a odd shape. Plenty of room to store your essentials in and maybe your boyfriend when he gets annoying. Believe it or not these actually come in bigger sizes, like way bigger.

Prettylittlething BREANNA WHITE TIE FRONT FLARE SLEEVE CROCHET LACE DRESS£ 25. Need I say more? Very Perrie. Also contender for cutest dress.

MissGuided white lace trim gathered hem crop top: £15. Again inspired by a outfit from Perrie`s travels, still can`t find that top she wore as it`s years old. But this will do. Great for sightseeing, shopping, bird watching, pizza making, milking the goats… Very Poland Eurovision 2016 isnt it, so i`m going off topic here but it`s very milk maid like which is oddly becoming a trend. Not a fan of the puffy sleeves, but am sure if you can pull them down you can make it into a off the shoulder for that sexy feel.

ASOS DESIGN 90s metal round sunglasses in gold: £12, these have that hippy feel, that Perrie look to them.  Ideal and versatile item

Zara CROCHET HEADBAND: £2.99. People always say to accessorize, this will jazz up your outfit, make you look extra. Bargain aswell at £2.99 

Zara LACE DRESS: £29.99. No brainer this one, again ideal for shopping, sightseeing anything. Very cute piece with a flared sleeve. Not too small, not too big will flatter your figure.

H&M Patterned maxi skirt: £24.99. It has come to my attention Perrie likes to wear a maxi skirt like this one. She`s got several in her wardrobe and it completes the boho look. teamed with sandals, that milk maid top, them sunglasses from ASOS and your bossing it.

MissGuided white scallop hem knitted crochet bralet: £15


ASOS DESIGN Swing Playsuit With Button Front In Patchwork Floral Print: £25. And finally we come to Jade. Her style when she goes on holiday is very different from the rest…she`s colourful, quirky, laidback very much like my style. When she`s not on holiday, but it`s warm and humid she does like to go down the ditsy floral route. What is ditsy? Small flower patterns, hard to describe but yeah. So i`ve chosen this playsuit with the ditsy pattern, very easy to move around in, very light and breezy. Cute little vintage number.

Topshop Joni Cycling Shorts: £29. Y`all probably thinking what the hell are those again. These are the first thing I picked up and the reason why I picked them up? Jade dresses like a tomboy sometimes and I thought these suited that to a T. Not to mention they are being sold at Topshop so must be on trend. Teamed with trainers, mules, flip flops and a crop top this will be cool enough to impress your little brother.

ASOS DESIGN small cat eye fashion glasses: £12. Jade seems to of taken a liking to her own pair of retro cat eye sunglasses from PLT, So why not yourself? Very bang on trend and can come in multiple colours and also you can do a great impression of Anne Robinson…Look her up.

Adidas Court Vantage Trainers White Vapour Pink Exclusive: £59.99. Jade lives in trainers, she teams them with almost anything and that`s because she wants to be comfortable all the while. Of course you don`t have to go for the most expensive pair of trainers, a simple plain pair will do. Great for walking around in or if your hiking or running around after that idiot boyfriend of yours.

ASOS DESIGN Spot Floral Print Pom Pom High Waist Skirted Bikini Bottom: £20. This is Jade rolled into one, colourful, ditsy and quirky. Very cute as a two piece and a outfit for besides the pool. You can find the link to the top through the link.

Boohoo Slogan High Leg Crop Bikini: £16. This may be a bikini but you can style it up how you want, I view it as a top. This is inspired by Jade`s top from the Word up MV, nearly the same colour but it`s so adorable and cute. Can wear it with denim shorts, trainers and sunglasses or as a bikini.

MissGuided black sequin triangle bikini set: £25. I find Jade expresses herself more through her bikinis, mostly all the time full of sequins, colour and wackiness. I know Motel does similar bikinis but inject your wardrobe full of colour, don`t be shy!.

Topshop TALL Ditsy Print Mini Slip Dress: Sold Out. Sold out whilst posting 🙁 Look for something similar as Jade loves these.