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Requested Perrie And Jade Inspired Dresses For…

Requested Perrie And Jade Inspired Dresses For A Night Out

Corine Slip Dress in Red Cherry Disc Sequin by Motel: £50. From my many years of stalking Little Mix you come to know a lot of things, You can call me weird, obsessed or whatever else. One of the things I have learned is that Jade likes to dress very flamboyant, not sure if this stems from her GAY/Pride love she has but I aint complaining. As a lover of sequins myself, she brings the fun in the girlband…Does that make sense? Yes the others look good and sexy, but she looks fun with all her sequins glowing. I think wearing a dress of that sort can also show people your personality..So bubbly, fun, exciting etc. She likes wearing Motel dresses and this is one of the very many dresses she hasn`t worn from the site yet. I know the price is not everyone’s cup of tea and if your going to be wearing it for one night you can question if it`s worth it. But this can be so much more then a night out dress, it would be great for festivals or your boyfriends party if your lucky to have one. Very many colours and styles to choose from on the site so even if you don`t like this one you`ve got lots of choice.

PrettyLittleThing BLACK HIGH NECK CUT OUT BODYCON DRESS: £12. The famous little black dress, got nothing to wear? Or you just wanna throw something on? Most people opt for the LBD, Not only will it solve your night out problems but it will also accentuate your figure, flattering it and showing all the right places. Of course you can either go for very plain or you can have a style with a cut out, a design, a pattern, some embellishment or anything else. The point is, is that theirs a LBD for anybody and what`s more they don`t cost a bomb. They would also be ideal for sitting in your wardrobe waiting for the moment you have nothing to wear.

PrettyLittleThing WHITE LACE STRAPPY PANELLED BODYCON DRESS: £30. I`ve seen this dress so many times over the last year or so, it`s a hit with everyone. I see Perrie wearing something like this because it has a mixture of lace and mesh and that`s what people likes…Well it`s at least what I think you like. It`s ideal for the summer season right now with the heatwave going on in Britain. This would look ace with a tan and gold heels and hoops. It`s waiting for you to put it into the basket right now..So why not? Very flattering, won`t show too much butt or boob and it has padded bras to help keep your boobs secure. What`s more is that you can also get in a blue.

Topshop Chainmail Mini Dress by Club L: £40. Now I`m not so sure on this one because people can have some harsh words for this kind of dress. The only reason I chose it was because it`s similar to the one Perrie wore at the teen choice awards? Or was it the kids choice awards? Idk I can never keep up with these awards. This dress is certainly a risktaker with a chance of a nipple slip or the whole club seeing parts they never thought they would at least until they were 30. Of course chainmail dresses are very popular now thanks to Kendall Jenner and like most of the other dresses they come in all different shapes, styles and colours. Some other ones I suggest are this one and this one which is the same colour as the top Perrie wore in the Little Mix make up photoshoot here

MissGuided pink cowl neck velvet floral mini dress: £22. This dress is a mixture between the two girls…Perrie with the pink velvet and Jade with the florals which she seems to love now. Remember when Perrie wore that pink velvet midi dress? And Jade wore that pink suede dress? That is this dress. 

House Of CB 

RINAH White Strapless Stretch Crepe Mini Dress: £119. Now I know this dress doesn`t fit your criteria but it gave me a lot of Perrie vibes and it was in the mini dress section on the website so :/. Perrie loves a bodycon and a midi dress that slithers down your body and accentuates your figure. I think is this a cute, summery dress with what looks like lots of room to dance about in. I know the price is WOWZA HOLD ON A MINUTE but when you think about good it will make you look and feel then surely it`s worth it?

Topshop Sequin Mini Slip Dress: £36. The first dress I went too. This is very Jade inspired..It`s shorts, it`s got sequins, it`s cute, it`s bright, it`s girl, it`s your cup of tea. Can you get anything better then this? I think this is the best dress in the post. When I was researching I found that Topshop had similar dresses to this one for nearly double the price, so for the price you could be getting it at you would be getting it for a bargain.

PrettyLittleThing KYIAH BLACK MESH OVERLAY BODYCON DRESS: £20. Again, this probably doesn`t fit your criteria but it`s Perrie inspired. It reminds me of this look so much. Theirs two different types of mesh the one Perrie wore and this mesh on this dress and this mesh is the one I am most fond because it`s more flattering and easy on the eye. What`s more is that you don`t have to go out and buy a black underwear set to wear it underneath as the dress is already built in.

Missy Empire Bessie Pink Satin Halterneck Mini Dress: £21. Inspired by this look this is a more rough cut, raggedy version of Jade`s dress. What`s more is that it`s only £21! and you can get in Lilac. Yes it can give you the potiental of a nip slip and yes satin might make you sweat but everybody has different preferences.

Missy Empire India Multicoloured Stripe Sequin Mini Dress: £33. Pastels are so in at the moment, as well as being cute, girly and sweet they will make any outfit stand out despite not being a neon pink. What made you all think this dress stood out too me?

Little Mix Dupe

Little Mix Dupe

Exact – Motel Crop Top In Crinkle Rib With Popper Front In White: Sold Out

Dupe – Boohoo Ribbed Popper Detail Crop: £12

Requested Pride Inspired OutfitsTopshop Rainbo…

Requested Pride Inspired Outfits

Topshop Rainbow Striped Mom Shorts: £32. In one of my earlier posts I said I had a top which comes with matching shorts from Boohoo, I didn`t find those shorts on Boohoo I found them on Topshop instead. Still the same design, the same colour, the same everything. Just much dearer.

Motel Unitard In Rainbow Stripe: £38. I`ll take you the candy shop and i`ll make your beeed rock…That`s generally how I sing the song. Motel candy pastel stripe jumpsuit, this is so popular like I dunno how many times they have restocked it. What`s even better is that it comes in many forms and shapes like skirts, tops, dresses etc. 

Boohoo Rainbow Stripe Flare Leg Jumpsuit: £20. Other things to do with this jumpsuit other then to go to pride. Become a clown, join the circus, become Disco Stu.

ASOS Daisy Street Playsuit with Bardot Frill in Rainbow Stripe: £18. This playsuit is so cute, I love the cuteness. It would look so good on holiday. I sound really enthusiastic don`t I?

Topshop PETITE Rainbow Striped Bodycon Dress: £20. Now this dress is a bit of a risk taker, not only because it`s so short or it`s see through but because theirs only one size left. But it would look so good casually teamed with trainers and a denim jacket.

MissGuided rainbow stripe cropped jumper: £15. Knowing the British weather it might rain all day and turn cold. You need a back up my sweet one so I`ve found this MissGuided one for you.

Boohoo Rainbow Knitted Jumper: £15. You know most dads have that ugly sweater? This would be one. But i`m here to make you buy or be inspired not dampen your spirits..But then again it doesn`t look as though it will make my chest look flat will it.

Boohoo Plus Rainbow Stripe Bodysuit: £15. I`m not forgetting all of you plus size ladies. A number of retailers stock clothes for your body shape as does Boohoo who have rather generously given you the option to buy this rainbow bodysuit.

Boohoo Petite Rory Rainbow Swing Playsuit: £12. Now when you click onto this link I don`t want you too look at the playsuit, I want you to admire the models face and tell me if she looks happy to be wearing this playsuit or disgusted.

Topshop Rainbow Sequin Body: £29

Throwback Jade Arriving At Modest Management P…

Throwback Jade Arriving At Modest Management Party | 2nd July 2015

Ari Palazzo Wide Leg Pants in School Stripe By Motel: $30

River Island Orange Boom Tablet: Sold Out

Jade On Little Mix Instagram | 30th June 2018 …

Jade On Little Mix Instagram | 30th June 2018

Motel Cami Crop Top In Large Sequin Co-Ord: £35

Motel High Waist Mini Skirt In Large Sequin Co-Ord: £22.50

Little Mix Dupe

Little Mix Dupe


Dupe – Motel Kasen Bralet in Satin Mustard by Motel: £22

Little Mix DupeExact – Urban Outfitters Pins &…

Little Mix Dupe

Exact – Urban Outfitters Pins & Needles Knitted Bralette: No longer available

Dupe – 

Berries Crop Top in Rib Knit Yellow by Motel: £25

Little Mix DupeExact – I AM GIA COBAIN PANTS: …

Little Mix Dupe

Exact – I AM GIA COBAIN PANTS: £82.02

Dupe – 

Jubie Cargo Trouser in Black Drill by Motel: £48

Throwback Little Mix At Mixers Magnets Los Ang…

Throwback Little Mix At Mixers Magnets Los Angeles | 9th June 2013


Skirt – 

Boohoo Alyssa Snakeprint Midi Tube Skirt

Top – 

EducateElevate Word ’92 White Tee

Shoes – 

Schuh Aint No Other Boots


Shoes – Vagabond Dioon 180 Booties: Sold Out


Shoes – KTZ Lace Up Boots: Sold Out

Pants – 

Motel Jordan PU Trim Skinny Jeans

Throwback Little Mix At KISSFM Studios | 7th M…

Throwback Little Mix At KISSFM Studios | 7th May 2013


Top – 

ASOS Top with PU Collar: Sold Out

Shoes –  Carvela-sangria-boots: Sold Out


Skirt – 

Motel Charlie High Waist Denim Skirt: Sold Out

Necklace – 

ASOS Moving Skeleton Necklace: Sold Out

Bodysuit – 

Cotton Spandex Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt Leotard: Sold Out


Top – 

Glamorous UK Pixie + Diamond Black Geek Crop Top: Sold Out


Shoes – KTZ Lace Up Boots: Sold Out