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Requested Little Mix Inspired For  Ludovico E…

Requested Little Mix Inspired For 

Ludovico Einaudi concert 


PrettyLittleThing BLACK OVERSIZED SWEATER DRESS: £18. So out of all of the girls who go to concerts often everyday, every year Jesy is…No where to be seen. We don`t even know if she has been to one before which makes this job a little harder. But that doesn`t mean we can`t fufill your request and come up with a banging outfit. Thankfully this wasn`t too hard for us and we managed to scramble this ensemble together. So let`s start with the main piece of the outfit being this oversized black sweater dress from PrettyLittleThing. In case you have been living under a rock you would see and know that Jesy likes to wear oversized clothes. Now wearing oversized clothes shouldn`t be a nightmare to you, it`s a great alternative to a jacket or a coat. Shirt dresses have become popular over the last few years, You can dress them how you want, So you can dress it without support aka a belt, You can dress it with support either up or down or you could wear it for lounging around. We personally like it
when it has support as when it`s just left hanging loose it could look like a tent on you and you would have no structure or stability. So if you`re looking for a good time with your friends this is your guy. What`s more is that it comes in a variety of colours.

I Saw It First Yellow D Ring Slogan Tape Belt: £4. So as I mentioned above a felt would help support the shirt dress and make it look more cute and stable. In case you have been sleeping your whole life you would know that the famous Off White yellow and black belt has become a worldwide hit recently with celebs and god knows who else wearing them. Even though the belt costs more then our lives, there is plenty of cheaper alternatives on the market and so we have found one right here from I Saw It First.

Buffalo Classic hi top chunky sole trainers in black: £166. Let`s make no mistake about it Jesy loves her Buffalo shoes, She has been seen wearing them a lot lately and I don`t think theres no stopping the girl wearing them. Even though they arent to everyone taste shoes like these have become a huge trend recently..The chunky, wide trainers have become a staple in many girls closets as we revist the 90s. However, if the price isnt to your taste then you could settle for a pair like these

PrettyLittleThing BLACK FLAT TOP BAKER BOY HAT: £10. If you wanted to accessorise the outfit or make it a bit more classic then why not add a baker boy hat. I would like to note these hats arent just for winter but they can be worn for summer too..So get some good use out of it. Do remember you can always take it off and you can still pull off a cute hairstyle underneath.

Topshop Black Striped Tube Socks: £3.50. For the oddest reason socks have also become a big trend again recently…Gone the days of having no socks or hiding your very own socks with your dogs face on them. Don`t be scared to get your socks out and have a little fun. If you`re like me and don`t like having bare feet in socks then socks are the way to go, They are also a great piece to accessorise your outfit with. I think we`re going for a sporty vibe with Jesy`s outfit here..Which we didn`t plan at all. If you didn`t like them then we have another alternative here 

PrettyLittleThing GOLD DRAGON PENDANT NECKLACE: £6. Probably wondering about this, But let me explain. So if you have been following Jesy`s fashion recently and watching EatingWithLittleMix you would know Jesy often wears necklaces and sometimes she wears a statement necklace. Now recently in episode 2 of Eating With Little Mix she was wearing this…Egyptian queen gold statement necklace, She likes bold, edgy necklaces. So we went on a mission to find a bold and edgy necklace and we ended up with a scorpion which we think could do just as well.


MissGuided white seat belt buckle blazer mini dress: £40. Isnt this dress a beauty? Inspiration taken from a photo shoot when Perrie wore a purple asymmetric tux just like this one. These dresses have become so popular recently and do you know why? Yes it`s the seat belt and before you start no I do not know why seat belts have become so popular recently..You can find them on belts, dresses, skirts, tops, bags everywhere. I mean for a cheaper alternative you can always rip your dads seat belt out of his car and glue it onto your top, But I`m sure he won`t be very pleased with that. So it looks as though the seat belt trend won`t be going for a long time as I can well see this continuing into the festival season. Aside from the seat belt the dress altogether is a beauty, it`s asymmetric so it makes your legs look thinner. It`s in the style of a blazer or tux if you will giving it structure and stability. I wouldn`t mind snapping this one up for myself. 

MissGuided black pointed toe lace up barely there heels: £28. We couldn`t decide what shoes went with this dress so we went with them all so bare with me as we go along here. Heels, If you wanted to go for the classic, feminem look then heels are your answer..I chose lace up heels because I personally don`t like the look of bare feet or ankles, Lacing going up your leg gives it definition. You can also team these with black over the knee high boots making your legs look slim and sexy, Overall giving it a edgier and bolder look. Lastly, If you`re looking for some fun and want to promote your girl why not wear a pair of her Superga trainers?

PrettyLittleThing STERLING SILVER 100MM LARGE HOOP EARRINGS: £18. Perrie is very rarely seen without her classic gold hoops nowadays. With these earrings you can wear them if you wish, it`s your choice. We chose these sterling earrings from PrettyLittleThing. If you`re weary about the price the reason they are £18 is because they are sterling…Sterling costs a lot. They are also available in gold. 

ASOS DESIGN marble clutch bag with metal handle: £30. I hit the jackpot when I saw this. Searching for a similar bag to the Balenciaga tote she is often seen with I struggled until this beauty popped up on my screen and oh boy did I fangirl. I could`ve chosen this as a dupe for the Mango one she has but I decided not too..I dunno why. I was debating whether to include this one because it doesn`t look like a concert bag to me and it didn`t really go with the outfit but the more I think about it, the more it goes with the dress we suggested. This bag was too much to pass by and not show you guys. It`s marble effect with metal handle is just a purchase waiting to happen.


SHEIN Cross Back Scalloped Trim Bodycon Dress: $9. I think out of the girls Jade is probably the easiest when it comes to this sort of request. Jade is the type of girl that wears everything and anything and can make it look good. Jade has been seen over the years sporting bodycon dresses whether they are pink, black, red or any other colour. She seems to be embracing her figure more as she wears these on a daily basis nowadays. So we went for this one from Shein, Now it is important to note that due to Jade`s skin tone she shouldn`t be really wearing bright, vivid colours as it doesn`t suit her. Try and stick to more emerald tones like maroons, blacks and greens. We decided to go for this dress today because you can either wear it casually to a concert or out for dinner. Please read on to see what we have teamed this with.

Nike White Air Force 1 Hi Trainers: £90. Now do bare with us here…You either love these or loathe them, These Nike air force Hi top trainers are such a 90s staple popular among the basketball courts and now popular among the fashion elite. I have seen a lot of people wear these Nike hi tops lately with dresses and skirts, whether it`s casual or done up so this is nothing new…This is actually becoming a fast trend. I would understand why people wouldn`t like these as they come across as heavy and chunky and if you own a pair of Air Force trainers you would understand, So we have found another alternative pair for you and they come in the form of converse. These converse are another Hi top option but are less chunky and oversized and more light and fresh on your feet.

ASOS DESIGN ultimate leather look biker jacket: £35. Much like Leigh`s jacket this is a option (Yes, I am aware I`m doing this back to front) you can also choose this jacket if you don`t want to be cold. This jacket goes with the look we set out for you and we would like to officially name it the cowboy look.

River Island Black leather western block heel ankle boots: £75. We picked these boots as a alternative to the trainers in case you wasn`t feeling them and wanted to look a bit more classy. We chose these cowgirl boots for obvious reasons…Although the price may seem a little pricey do think of the investment you are making, Think of the wear you will be getting out of them and joy they could be bringing you.

ASOS Stradivarius studded western handbag in black: £10.50. How many times have I mentioned on this blog Jade loves a shoulder bag? Y`all should be familiar with her Prada, Guess, Versace and sugar cube by now. We picked this one up because it went with the cowgirl style we are opting for. So if you wanted a place to keep your pepper spray and chewing gum in case another cowgirl comes in and tries and steals your man then heres the answer.

PrettyLittleThing BASIC BLACK FEDORA HAT: £10. I absolutely love hats like this, I think they are so bold, cute, edgy and quirky. These hats are fab for festivals, concerts, casual..Cowgirl. I love hats like these with wavy long hair. I just think hats like this most of the time make the look which is why I include them in every inspired I do.

PrettyLittleThing BLACK MATTE THIN RETRO SUNGLASSES: £8. Finally, What`s a post without sunglasses like these? Jade loves retro sunglasses and I think she must have about ten million pairs hidden away in her little cave. Of course you don`t have to opt for these…Hundreds of styles and colours exist on sites such as PrettyLittleThing, MissGuided, Topshop and ASOS. You`re probably wondering what good will these be inside a concert? Well they won`t be, I`m adding these because they would be good as a unnecessary accessory.


MissGuided white oversized denim jacket: £38. Summer is round the corner and you`re panic buying..You don`t know if this would look good for that festival or if that would look good on holiday. So we took a simple denim jacket whether it`s blue, black or white it works and teamed it with this outfit, A slight chill in the air or a raindrop and your night could be ruined because you didn`t bring a jacket, Did I mention this is so versatile…Rain proof, Cold proof, boy proof if you`re lucky. A denim jacket would go with anything and everything so make sure you get good use out of it whilst you can. We picked this jacket because our outfit is all black and we wanted to add a bit more colour and depth.

PrettyLittleThing JILL BLACK SLINKY BRALET: £10. Let`s be honest, When isnt Leigh wearing a bralet? Throughout the summer months she is seen wearing bralets non stop in a variety of colours and styles. This one is no different…This is simple but a classic, Can`t find anything to wear? That black bralet would do. When you want to throw some shapes you don`t want nothing clinging to you or making you feel uncomfortable, you would want to feel free and easy. This top comes in a variety of colours so if you fancy shaking things up.

PrettyLittleThing BLACK SUPER HIGH WAISTED WOVEN WIDE LEG TROUSER: £25. We next teamed the outfit up with these black high waisted flared leg trousers from PrettyLittleThing. Flare trousers are also another item from the 90s that has somehow wormed it`s way back into this decade and become a huge trend. A lot of people associate flares with nights out or for the beach, But realistically you can wear these for anything and everything…Which is why we put them into this post, We want people to have confidence and try something new. However, If you`re not ready to venture out yet then we have the perfect alternative for you in the form of skinny black jeans. Yes the classic black skinny jean that goes with anything..We found these ones from ASOS and these ripped ones. We made sure that either of the jeans fitted peoples specifications..So we made sure they werent tight or jeggings (No one likes jeggings), high waisted and compliments a womens figure. Either one goes with the bralet we have also chosen.

Puma Basket Classic White Trainers: £65. When you go to concerts you never estimate how long you would be standing for and at the end of the night you see girls carrying their shoes to the car as they walk the cold streets bare foot..Do you want to be that kind of girl? Of course not you want to be comfortable and have fun and not having misery or pain that heels bring. So we chose these one from Puma for £65..Leigh and Jade are big fans of Puma trainers so this is nothing new. However, If you wanted to invest in your shoes a little more then we have a great pair from Ted Baker here

Topshop Amour Layered Necklace: £7.25. So this is when we come to the part where it is totally up to you whether you want to add accessories either layering it up, or layering it down. We decided to include this necklace as it`s great for accessorising and covering a bare chest..Layered necklaces have become a big trend over the last few years and I hope to see them remain popular for the foreseeable future.

Topshop Rose Gold Flat Hoop Earrings: £5. Wouldn`t be a post without hoops, Leigh loves a hoop earring and it`s very rare that you see her without them so we had to includ them. We chose rose gold earrings because we know girls love the colour..They die for it, As I mentioned before rose gold is a very popular colour not just among jewellery but on phones, cosmetics, furniture, decor the list is endless. Every girl needs a little rose gold in their life.

A huge credit to our guest editor for this post.

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Jade In Eat In With Little Mix Episode 1 | 23r…

Jade In Eat In With Little Mix Episode 1 | 23rd May 2019

Nike Air Force 1 Hi trainers in white: £90

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Little Mix DupeExact –  Nike Air Force 1 Mid …

Little Mix Dupe

Exact – 

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Sneakers: Sold Out

Dupe –   Nike Air Force 1 07 Trainers White Bright Citron: £74.99

This post contains a affiliated link, This means we make commission if a purchase is made through this link. You will not be charged any extra. We add these links to keep the blog running.

Throwback Leigh And Jade At Coachella | 14th A…

Throwback Leigh And Jade At Coachella | 14th April 2018


Sunglasses – 

Dior Diorama Mirrored Mini Cateye sunglasses: $540

Dress – 

Christian Dior Rasta Monogram Dress

Shoes – Nike Air Force 1 Mid Canvas ‘Desert Sand: Sold Out

Jacket – 

Palm Angels Lion Denim Jacket: Sold Out


Choker – 

GCDS Diamanté Choker: Sold Out

Dress – 

GCDS Logo ribbed fitted dress: Sold Out

Sunglasses – 

Prettylittlething White Thin Retro Sunglasses: £8

Shoes –  FILA Disruptor II Premium Metal Silver Trainers: Sold Out

Ring – 

Regal Rose Toxic Mermaid Antique Abalone Shell Ring: £24

Bag – 

Topshop Diana Diamanté Clutch Bag: Sold Out

Jade On Instagram Stories | 27th March 2019 A…

Jade On Instagram Stories | 27th March 2019

AIR FORCE 1 MID ‘07 – High-top trainers: £79.99

Jesy Performing At The Global Teachers Prize A…

Jesy Performing At The Global Teachers Prize Awards | 23rd March 2019

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Trainer | Black: £79.99

Perrie Performing At Global Teachers Prize Awa…

Perrie Performing At Global Teachers Prize Awards | 23rd March 2019

AIR FORCE 1 MID ‘07 – High-top trainers: £79.99

Requested Little Mix Outfit Inspired For Black…

Requested Little Mix Outfit Inspired For BlackPink Concert


New Look

Blue Camo Pocket Utility Jeans: £27.99. So if your a avid follower of Little Mix, You would know Jade has a fetish for a certain pair of orange trousers. She`s worn them from Disneyland to Tanzania, to rehearsals to the Kids Choice Awards and you know what? I think she really likes them. They may be out of some peoples comfort zone or a bit too garish but when you want to make a statement you reach for these. Camo pants have taken off these last couple of years, Not because we all want to join the army but because they have become a fashion staple, Becoming trendy and modern. They have that edgy, Dynamic edge and you can wear them casually or for a assault course. Ideal for festivals so they are versatile and ideal for a Blackpink concert too..You can get them in a variety of colours too from Purple, Green and Grey.

Doc Martens: £130. In this post we have a variety of shoes to choose from, From chunky trainers to the heavier trainers to these boots. No question about it Jade loves her DMs. Together with this look you could combat the world. You don`t have too wear DMs, you can put some white/black trainers with this look too!.

PrettyLittleThing BLACK CREPE SPAGHETTI STRAP BANDEAU CROP TOP: £6. This bralet is all part of the layering process, Jade hasn`t really been seen wearing a bralet too many times…But looks can be deceiving because just seen what we would do with this top.

I Saw It First Black D Ring Slogan Tape Belt: £6. Now for those really into their fashion, you would know these belts have really taken off. Many dupes of the OFF WHITE yellow belt have been made and copied and you would find these everywhere. You can find them all in different colours and styles and patterns. These are a great belt for that added grunge effect, It gives a extra spark for your outfit. You can also buy this belt in yellow.

SkinnyDip HEARTBREAKER NECKLACE: £4. Not many of you are aware but Jade is known for her quirkyness, Which I personally love about her. So to fill any blank bits or for that extra bit of extraness we have added a necklace, You can get a variety of quirky necklaces from Skinnydip to choose from, from different quotes to phrases etc.

Bershka metallic cross body bag: £11.50. So initially I wanted a cool rockstar, edgy shoulder bag, We found one but it was out of stock and that was the only one I could find. We picked this one up because it`s quirky and it`s rainbow and we all know Jade loves rainbows. I can understand how you might think it`s for five year olds but it would liven up your outfit. But if you didn`t like that we understand, We also managed to pick up another bag with the Burberry pattern and again this could pass off as designer and is ideal for keeping the essentials safe. You can see it here

Black Crop T-shirt: Now we added this one because it`s a great way to layer. If you take a look back at the Summer Hits Tour last year, Jade wore a black cropped t-shirt just like this one with a bikini top underwear. This was the idea I was going for and it`s a perfect example of layering. Simply add the black bralet underneath (Or a different coloured one) and your good to go. Of course you don`t have to buy one, I couldn`t find any cropped t-shirts as small as this on the market so the easiest way to get one would be to buy a plain black t-shirt and cut it, Of course the ragged edges would make it look even more edgy.


Look No.1

Topshop Bleach Flap Rip Mom Jeans: £42. Jesy has been really into the denim thing lately. She seems to love baggy boyfriend/Mom jeans and wears them down casually or dressed up. If you have a look back through her Instagram you will see she has worn mom jeans a lot on nights out or casually. You don`t have to go to a concert looking all glammed up to have a good time.

: £8
. What`s also been happening lately is that Jesy has been really into wearing padded bra, Actual padded bras you wear under your shirt. Now I couldn`t choose a bra because not everyone feels comfortable wearing one let alone wearing one under your t-shirt. So we went further and went for something longer..a Bralet!. Jesy likes to keep to her top half simple..She likes to show her toned stomach and arms. You could do too, When your dancing around you don`t want to feel sticky or hot. I know a bralet may not seem like everyones cup of tea either so you can swap this with a t-shirt and the outfit would still look good.

PrettyLittleThing CLOVER BLACK STRAP HEELED SANDALS: £20. This outfit would be a mixture of grunge and classy with these heels. Can feel like a sophiscated young lady whilst wearing black heels and mom jeans. All the rage at the moment.

H&M Narrow belt: £6.99. It`s your choice if you wanted to add a belt or not, or let the jeans free like Perrie does. Or if you don`t want your pants falling down (Or you hate pulling them up every 2 seconds) then a belt for you. Belts with gold hoops have become popular recently, A lot of brands and shops have taken inspiration from Gucci`s classic belt and incorporated it in their own…For much cheaper.

ASOS DESIGN large square polysatin headscarf/neckscarf in monogram: £14. What a absolute corker this is, The scarf is a much cheaper dupe of the one Jesy owns. Not only that but it more or less has the same logo as Fendi so you could pass this off as designer. Of course you don`t have to wear this is as headscarf, You can use it as a scarf, or you can hang it around your handbag and even that would look designer (Most designers do this), Or maybe a wrist scarf? Or a neck scarf? The list is endless.

Look No.2

Sacred Hawk t-shirt dress with wolf motif: £32. I did come up with two outfits for Jesy, One is trendy and one is similar to what she has been wearing lately. But I chose this t-shirt dress because she seems to be a fan of these, She doesn`t like plain ones she has to like ones with graphic prints..Which I must admit was hard to find unless they are designer. Now you will see where I am going with this if you continue reading but it is part of a new fashion trend that is happening recently and it`s all to do with layering. I have noticed layering has become really popular lately, You might think layering is too do with keeping warm and putting another t-shirt on but oh no. Layering is experimenting and letting your creativeness run free, It`s apart of creating a dynamic yet unique look. 

PrettyLittleThing NEON PINK HIGH NECK JERSEY LONG SLEEVE BODYSUIT: So we decided to include this bodysuit because 1. It`s neon and neon is at the height of it`s game at the moment and 2. It`s all to do with the layering effect. As I mentioned above layering has become popular recently with people doing different layering styles. Underneath a black t-shirt dress you can wear a bodysuit with a turtleneck (So people know your layering), So we chose this pink bodysuit. From a plain outfit to a really funky and dynamic one we have just shifted this outfit from first gear to second gear with one really simple piece. You can also get it in green here

ASOS DESIGN ribbed ankle socks: £3. If we take it back to last month, Do we remember when Jesy uploaded a photo with the green beanie? She wore a oversized t-shirt dress didn`t she? Along with boots. Well banish the boots and add some socks because girl this look is going places, This is my favourite look out of the lot. It`s so youthful, fun, fresh, unique, creative. Girl if I was going with you I would wear this look. If pinks not your thing, Then why not try some green socks? We picked these ones up from ASOS.

Nike Air Force 1 Trainers White: £54.99. How could you go wrong with the classics?


Boohoo Petite High Rise Mom Jeans: £15. This outfit may look familiar to you, Yes I did recreate Perrie`s outfit she wore to the 1975 concert recently. She wore a pair of mom jeans. Mom jeans are for people who like to feel comfortable without the feeling of something sticking to your legs or for the people who don`t like how their legs feel in skin tight jeans. Now mom jeans arent to everyones taste..They can be awkward, Make your legs look weird and everything but you can experiment, People like different things. What to also note is that Perrie didn`t wear a belt with her outfit on that day…She went for the grunge, laidback undone look which is also becoming a trend now.

Topshop Smooth Thick Hoop Earrings: £8. Perrie has been sporting some gold hoops a lot lately so it would be wrong not to add any. Thick gold hoops are on trend at the moment.


Monki checked cap in beige: £10. Perrie seems to love a good hat and to make this outfit stand out, you could add a hat. If you don`t like the way your hair looks or if it looks greasy…Wear a hat. We picked up this hat from ASOS, With the Burberry pattern beaming people would think is designer and expensive. So why not look expensive for much cheaper? Perrie has been seen wearing Buberry items, But us mere mortals arent that rich so we have to settle for dupes and what better dupe then this one.

MissGuided black funnel neck long sleeve bodysuit: $15. Ah, the classic black bodysuit. These go with everything and anything. Wear these casually or glammed up..Can`t find a top that goes with that skirt? A bodysuit is the answer to your prayers.


I Saw It First Black Slinky Zip Front Long Sleeve Unitard: £10. As of late last year when Little Mix was on the performance circuit, I noticed Leigh had been wearing a lot of skin tight clothing such as cycling shorts, bodysuits…Basically she was dressing like a cyclist. Now I`m not saying you should go and dress like one, Because let`s be honest it`s not the best fashion look and not everyone can pull it off. So we circled around that and ended up with this black unitard from I Saw It First. You will be able to dance freely, Not get so hot and you won`t have any trouble finding the fly. Slinky unitards arent just for the ballerinas, they are for the festival and concert goers. These fit in with the very grunge, 80s trend happening at the moment. If you look around you will be able to find a unitard that is fully covered everywhere without any cut outs.

Claudia Canova mermaid sequin bum bag: £20. When you go to a concert, You can`t just go without any cash or a phone or a emergency backup of a lipgloss. Would you take a bag? Maybe but we need something more convenient that won`t get in the way of our dancing. Bum bags arent just for festivals, Celebrities have been seen wearing these casually. They along with many of the items in this list have become a fashion staple these last couple of years and not only that but it`s convenient and will save you a nagging from your mum. However, WIth bum bags you can either have the fun, quirky bag or you can have the casual, sophiscated glammed up one whichever one takes your fancy it will go with your outfit. So I picked up this glam one from River Island.

Topshop PETITE Hacked Off Cropped Denim Jacket: £42. Leigh loves a denim jacket and so do we. Incase you are worried you may get cold or you want to hide your arms then a jacket is the perfect accessory.

Glamorous Chunky Mono Trainers: £34.99. Chunky trainers has become popular as of late. Personally I think you can get the ugly chunky trainer or you can get the cute chunky trainer, You can go big or you can go small. Taken I think from Yeezys these have spiralled into a trend, It`s all apart of the 80s trend.

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Throwback Perrie On Instagram | 26th February …

Throwback Perrie On Instagram | 26th February 2018

Nike Indy Logo Back Women’s Light Support Sports Bra

Reebok Classics White Club C 85 sneakers: £65

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Jade In Simple Video | 4th January 2019

Nike Air Max 97: £144.97